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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sunrise ~ Pumpkins ~ Dogs and Vet Tech to the Rescue

I'm not sure if it's just this time of year, but yesterday's sunrise was just gorgeous too.  

Oh, there are tomatoes all over my kitchen, but today Hubby said, "no canning" and to "take it slow and easy today."  Ha ha!  So, the half dozen pie pumpkins are getting roasted, pureed and frozen.  At least I'm roasting a few will today.  I only have so much oven space.  Freezer space is also closing in. I'm a bit soured that our heirloom organic homegrown failed this year, but glad I can still put some other varieties in my freezer.  

I need to stay out of the garden anyway.  I cut my finger on something, and I've had to put homemade neosporin on it.  It's healing, but hurts since I scraped the skin all the way off.

So....yesterday was a high-stress day.  There was a lot of everything that didn't need to be, and one daughter forgot her check for cap/gown and tassle for graduation.  I had to get dressed in "guest" clothing and get it over to the school.  Next time, I'll show up in garden garb and muck boots, it's just not worth it.

To top it off, the dogs topped it off.  They are not even puppies anymore.  Oye.  This is what happened.  I sliced and diced garden veggies to make a huge pan of them to go as a side with stuffed peppers.  I was so excited to have cauliflower, as it was still producing, so there was cauliflower, potatoes, red onion, green peppers, orange bell peppers, and yellow squash.  I had everything in the pan but the squash and bell peppers.  I put it to the side and put my 12th grader in charge of watching it, and adding the remaining vegetables in a bit.

I walked away to go get my car keys and was heading to the store for cat food.  She was to watch the stove. 

I walk back in the kitchen and "poof" the bell peppers are all gone from the bowl, but the squash was there.  I screamed and hollered and Daughter came back downstairs.  Hmpf.  King!

Back out to the garden I went, and chopped up more bell peppers.  She watched it.  It smelled wonderful.  I left.

I came home.  

No vegetables whatsoever. 

None. Not one iota, not one zippity drop of it.

She claims she took Zuri out and left King inside.

He ate the entire pan.

I was fuming.  Dogs can't eat certain vegetables and I was so looking forward to those for dinner.

My vet-tech daughter in training arrived home.  I told her what happened, and she immediately had a remedy to make King throw up what he ate.  It worked, and the dog was saved from getting sick.  Whew!    

The kids now are working on better training, and one will always be behind a door, away from the kitchen when one goes out.  King is kind of dumb when it comes to food. He's gotten hot peppers down off of my dehydrator before, when I thought they were in the "safe zone."  That dog will eat anything.

Oh, and if my mother is reading this today, I took my blood pressure.  Just to be sure, and since we had the machine....everything was fine.


Vicki said...

Those dogs will get you every time. Once had a cocker spaniel who ate an entire box of very expensive chocolates. He then drank enough water to float a small boat, after which he was sick - both ends. After the fifth or sixth trip down the stairs to get him outside quickly, my husband said, "If this dog lives, I'm gonna kill him."

The dog lived to age 16, but he never did get any smarter about what he ate. I feel your pain. :)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Vicki, I would think the hot peppers would teach him a lesson, but King is not too smart with food. Jesse, however, will sniff first and walk away. King likes lemons too. Oye.

RB said...

We have cats indoors and we have to put everything food-wise either in the microwave or the oven when we leave the kitchen. They're not suppose to get on the counters, but you know cats. We don't take any chances.
Have a friend that once had cooked steak, baked potatoes and a toss salad for dinner. Went out to call everyone in to eat, and when she came back in, the beagle was up in the middle of the kitchen table - eating the salad. The dog walked right by the steak to get to the salad. Go figure.
Hoping everyone has a great weekend, and a safe one too.
God bless.

Mama Pea said...

Having a vet in training in the house sure comes in handy! When dogs are big enough to start snitching food off the counter (and do!), it's hard to break them of the habit. And seems you can never feed them enough so they're not wanting to find more!