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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Random Tidbits ~ Fall Cleaning

I'm adding more chives to meals.  Eggs are not just eggs anymore.    I read that chives work like garlic does, when it comes to "heart" health.  I'm adding red onions more often to meals then before as well.

Hubby's snack at work is a combination of non-gmo nuts - walnuts, pumpkin seeds, cashews and raisins.  In moderation of course.

Speaking of nuts, I am working on a trade again with picking up some locally grown walnuts again.  Now Hubby wants to plant a few next spring.

Rosemary has finally left the table top.  The dehydrator is on the last herb now.  Although yesterday, I was still able to cut fresh ones for breakfast.

I sliced up the only fingerling potatoes we grew (sad harvest, but oh so tasty, and will definitely plant more next year).  

 I made fingerling Provencal with fresh herbs.  Oh it was delicious with a slice of toast slathered in pumpkin butter.

 ....watched another beautiful sunrise again.  Some mornings, it is just gorgeous.

I am having difficulty adjusting to the "no canning" schedule.  I feel like I should be canning something.  In reality, I should be canning with apples, but will wait a week.  

I am now starting my fall clean up.  It may take me several days, even the entire week to re-claim my kitchen alone.  I started over in my bill paying/computer/writing desk.  I sorted, wiped, filed and filed.  I was ready to get a cup of tea and call it a day when I pulled a chair out from the table to pick up my overwhelming pile of find half of the stack contained things to "file."  A moment when you are not sure whether to laugh or cry. 

Two things we canned new this year that will get canned gain next year?  Cowboy candy and green tomato chutney.  Hubby continues to thank me and keeps asking "how many jars do we have?"

The kids continue to drag around germs.  The one kid that has a super strong immune system is now sick, and went to work sick (maybe with a fever).  She rushed out before I could grab the thermometer to check her.  I know she's 20, but she is like me - go, go, go.  I got her to get some mullein tincture down the hatch before leaving the door however.  The cold-hot-cold-hot weather we are having doesn't help either. 


RB said...

The pictures all look so tasty. Now I'm getting hungry myself. LOL
We've got sicknesses going around here too, and are expecting new strains with the college kids coming/going home and coming/going back to school for Thanksgiving. Such it is when you live near colleges, especially ones that have international students.
Was a cool day here today, refreshing after the heat of yesterday. Will be glad when Fall finally settles in.
Praying everyone has a GREAT week, and a safe one too.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you RB.