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Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekend Fun ~ Fall Foilage ~ Flowers

I took this photo as a light rain was ending.  You can see some of the trees are already turning to beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows.  Hubby and I saw the most beautiful fall colors last night.  We took off on a ride along a river, and the colors were fantastic.   I was on the back of the Harley, hence no photos (very curvy road).

Our weekend started out with a funeral visitation about 40 minutes from home.  Hubby was needing some much needed road therapy and insisted we ride the Harley.  I was hesitant, due to the fact would could not wear nice "dress" clothing, but we went.  It was at night, so he spontaneously booked a room in a historical hotel.  I did not have my camera, so the photos are a bit unfocused (taken with my phone).

Many famous people stayed at this hotel.  Now, we packed for one night.  It was a long stressful week at work for Hubby, and we didn't want to ride home in the dark, hence the hotel.  We were just relaxing in our room, when I tell Hubby that they are serving wings one more time on Saturday night at the island.  I joked we should visit another Harley store, then hang around and take the ferry over on foot (just for dinner).

The next thing I know?  We are at a new Harley store and they are having Sweetest Day drawings.  We didn't get pulled out for the 10am drawing, so we stayed around.  The 10am drawing was a $50 gift certificate.  We listened for the 11am drawing, and you would not believe it, but they called my name!!!!  I won a $75.00 gift certificate.  I left with a new shirt, and so did Hubby.  It totally made my day. 

What came next?  Hubby booked one night at the little motel and pretty soon we were on the ferry, with the Harley, on our way to the island.  Ha!  I didn't have a hair dryer, nor some other items, but we didn't care.  We were back home Sunday, just 15 minutes before the rain arrived.  Oh, the kids scolded us, but this is a lesson for them to learn how to cook more often.  Two had cars and those two have jobs.  They know how to get to the store (and the garden).  Hubby's thoughts were "I just had a heart attack,and it's Sweetest Day" and "we deserve it."

Instead of purchasing more mums this fall, I simply split my yellow and white ones, and transplanted to other areas.  We've had rain off and on, so I haven't had to water too much either.

What's on the agenda today?  I'm waiting for our new bed mattress to arrive first.  Once that is delivered, I'll be checking the tomatoes.  We've waited 18 years to buy a new mattress. 

I'm springing my hens loose today too.  Oh they will be so happy.  They are molting and could use the extra protein (bugs galore).  I played baseball with a stink bug and a flip flop last night.  Bugs are bad right now.  It doesn't help that the temps have risen to 83°F either.


Sam I Am...... said...

So happy you guys got away for a bit before winter. Our veterinarian just had a massive heart attack and he's only about 44. I haven't heard how he's doing so I need to find out today. It is hot again here 87 yesterday and very windy. Glad you got pictures of the hotel...very interesting! Also, congratulations on your big win!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Sam I Am, I think the processed foods, along with all the bad fats (fake butters etc) are to blame for blockage to the heart. Even mixed nuts has bad oils in them. I have to buy organic. It's expensive too.

Liz said...

How nice to have a spur of the moment weekend! (sad it came from a visitation)
My dad had a heart blockage at 65. I swear it was from all of the years of processed luncheon meat he ate for lunch. He completely changed his diet. He will be 80 in July!
Hope you slept well on your new mattress!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Liz, Hubby believes it's from his previous lifestyle prior to marrying me and thanks me every day that he's active and he's eating great too. We had a very nice good sleep. No pits in the mattress like we had before.