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Monday, April 18, 2016

Dandelion Bread

Sunday my morning started in muck books, then my afternoon in biker boots, then to the evening with my apron, then back to biker boots, and lastly in muck boots.  We never made it to the garden, ha ha!  It's still too wet.  I checked it early, while Hubby and Son made a trip to recycling, just to be sure we stayed on track for the day.

My morning started with this.

Hubby was teaching Son how to use the riding mower, and I went running frantically to ask them to stop, and to wait.

Hubby helped.  Although reluctantly, as he was eager to take me on my first motorcycle ride.

I needed enough for 2 cups of yellow dandelion petals, so we picked some.

Note on the dandelions:  Recipe states to rinse then pull the petals off.  Once they get wet, they are horrible to get off the flower heads.  I put them all in my salad spinner after rinsing to remove as much water as I could.

Mmm!  I made two loaves of dandelion bread. The recipe is here (Food Storage and Survival).  I think my bread is a bit more yellow due to the yolks of our organic eggs here.  Not sure, but it looks brighter than the photo on the recipe.

It's a dense, moist, heavy bread.  Good to slather on some butter, honey or whatnot.  I'll admit, it requires some work removing those petals, but I had a helper in the kitchen this time.  The loaves are not real tall, but have a good flavor.  I can't really give you a sense of the flavor, but it's good.  I got my dandelions just in time today.  

I picked a bit too many dandelions, so the extras went into the freezer.  I'll most likely use the flowers for tea making. 

A small funny...

As we were picking the dandelions, I said to Hubby, "did you know the stems of dandelions can used and eaten in place of noodles?"  He responded, "only you."  Which I responded, "we have oodles of noodles here on the homestead."  We both laughed.  I'm pretty sure I made some grammatical errors in that last paragraph but I must scoot and get my day started.  


Mama Pea said...

Oodles of noodles is better than gluts of nuts! ;o} (Although at the prices of nuts today, if the "nuts" weren't the human kind that might be very profitable!

Kristina said...

Mama Pea you always make me laugh!

Sam I Am...... said...

What a pretty bread...yellow is my favorite color! LOL!

Kristina said...

Sam I Am, by the looks of the yard, I'll be making it again.


Love it! You have given me a use for the fields of these we have out here!

Kristina said...

Hibiscus House, my family loved the bread. As soon as the rain leaves us again, I want to make it again.

Unknown said...

Late to the party for sure but I saw your comment about the lack of brightness in your photo on the recipe. I used a simple photo correction to remove a little blue, lighten it up just a touch overall then increased the saturation slightly.

Since all of your content is protected I can't post my version for you to see.

Kristina said...

Thanks Unknown