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Friday, April 20, 2012

Shock, Horror, and Despair

Imagine that you are a writer.  You just wrote two novels back to back.  You don't have an extra flash drive, so you are saving it to one you have hundreds, possibly thousands, of short published articles on.

You have it in a case with your only other flash drive, because you are in a hurry to get it to your editor.  It's thunder storming and you are running across the street to the door to deliver it.

A car doesn't see you and causes you to fall in the street, knocking your flash drive case out of reach.  In an instant, a semi-tractor trailer barrels over your case, crushing the contents.

The shock, the horror, the despair.

That is how I felt yesterday when I could not find my flash drive case.  I turned the house upside down, and then did it again.  It's still not found yet.  It has to be here, I just can't find it.

My son and hubby both tried to help look too.  As of today, it's still missing.

It's messing with my mind today, and even last night.  Those nasty emotions we have.  Ugh.  And yes, this grown adult cried over this.

Friends mentioned to put my prayer requests in a jar and let it go.  Oh...that is a great idea, but oh so difficult.  Every thing I've written in the past 7 years or so is on those drives, not to mention 2 novels from NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

I've been hand writing to avoid the urge to "surf the net" and get side tracked.  In those few days the case went into hiding.

An unused vintage coffee pot is now my "prayer pot" for the start of my lesson on handing things over to God.  Phew!

I better get started on today's "to-do" list.  I'm sure I'll think of things that need added as the day passes.  

.......already added more things "to-do"

~mix up a batch of baking mix
~bake zucchini muffins
~make crockpot sweet potato butter


Sam I Am...... said... heart was in my throat while reading. #1 I have to the garbage....could it have fallen in? When I lose something the first thing I do is make sure it did not fall in the garbage or get taken out of the house...kind of like "lock down" once you know it has got to be in the house somewhere then it' s just a matter of time and looking. #2 If the info is on a drive then how did it get there? It must have been residing somewhere to get copied to a drive and so go to the original and recopy it if possible #3 I am a retired computer science major who worked on mainframe computer systems but it's always the same....backup, backup, backup, and have multiple backups. If it is that important then put it in a safe deposit box or a firesafe and ALWAYS have more than one copy of it.
Aside form that ask for help when you're looking....I've done that and "Voila"...the angels have stepped in and led me right to it and many times I look at where it is found and KNOW I would have been searching for days if I hadn't had some help. Have faith that it is there and you will be led to it. Bless you sweetie and I'm so sorry this has happened and given you so much sadness...hopefully it is just a "warning" and you will find it. A friend of mine said the other day "Things aren't done TO YOU....they are done FOR YOU" and in my own life I can see the truth of that. Good luck and God Bless you.

Unknown said...

Hang in there. I backup my work stuff 3xs as well....

Candy C. said...

Dang Kristina! I surely do hope it turns up! What a horrible feeling. :(

Michelle said...

When I lose something. I generally find it after I have given up looking for it.