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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Porch ~ My Favorite Place

A metal sign on my front porch.
 The clock on our porch.  
Table and chairs we added last year.  These came from a thrift store, as well as the cushions.  I spent many hours cleaning up the porch.  We stack wood on it during the winter, so there was a lot of sweeping.  I still need to power wash the siding, but will do that another day.
Here is another bench we found at a thrift store.  I just put it out there to paint this spring, but I may leave it out there too.
I brought out my yellow painted flower pots too.  I will have to wait to add flowers.  There is still the chance for a frost.  Do you see the little red tractor on the ledge?  It's a flower pot holder.  I'll move that to another location when I start putting flowers in the pots.
.....and yet on to the next project.  Now I can take my breaks on the porch and not look at piles of wood chips everywhere.  Speaking of views on the porch.
I'm bringing out my "garden mushrooms" to plant around the gardens too.  Although, I will wait for the next rain to add the rest of them.  The ground is just too hard.  Here you can see the chickens got into the garden too.  The mulch is everywhere.  Bad chickens!
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Anonymous said...

Oh how I would love a porch! Yours looks so inviting.....people before us took the big front porch in to enlarge the living area of our old farmhouse.....I now just have a stoop! But someday maybe I can convince hubby to add another porch to this old house!
Enjoy you porch!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I love your porch~ it looks wonderful and cozy. A nice place to sit and enjoy a glass of iced tea.
Love all the thrifted furniture!


Candy C. said...

A porch is a wonderful place to sit and relax and yours is beautiful and welcoming! :)

Unknown said...

Cute! I miss having a front porch, the way our house is laid out. But we have a nice back deck atleast!

Nancy Jo said...

You picked up some good finds for your porch from the thrift. I know over the years I have found some of my most favorite things from the thrift stores.
I have a deck and a small front porch.The farm I was brought up on had a huge wrap around porch. I miss that.
Nancy Jo

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Looking good! I spent a couple of hours today pressure washing our patio (out back) and plan to get the the front porch maybe tomorrow. It seems to take a lot of work to get everything scrubbed and ready for the new season. Looks like you have a good start on it :)