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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rain, Gardening and a Spring Clean Update

The rain is coming down in light short spurts and are just long enough to get the top of the gardens soft, but not enough to get the weed's roots out easily.  As soon as it stops raining I get out my tools and start to dig, and about 5 minutes later it starts to rain again.  However, I have been successful in transplanting extra green onion.  It is growing so fast this spring I need give some away and spread it out.  I love the smell of it when I'm gardening too.

I came across this herb gardening newsletter.  I'm not sure if I will learn anything more, but here is the Web site in case you want to start a home grown herb garden, Herb Gardening

Spring Clean Update:
-Utility room is finished (took an entire day including washing rugs).
-Washed 2 door curtains
-Cleaned 2 more areas of carpet
-Started another van load of items for Goodwill or where ever
-Cleaned off the tops, and organized, night stands (my husband's too).
-Washed up old ripped blankets and rugs, stored in totes for the barn cats next winter (and labeled it)
-Emptied another tote of crafts, condensed them etc.
-Sorted all my extra (and there were a bunch) handmade Christmas ornaments and labeled boxes for each kid for their hope chests.
-Donated jewelry displays, for craft sales, to a dear friend.

-Gave my Mom the last pair of flip flops I had made.

I should have started earlier in the year with my spring cleaning.  With gardening and flower beds to start working in, I have to choose between cleaning inside or out most days.

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