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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Almost Repaired Stove Door ~ Frugal Healing

We have now located a glass business that will cut a ceramic type glass for our stove door.  We have been given an estimate of about $100.00.  That's almost cutting our cost in half.  At first we thought we needed tempered glass, but we have been told we need a ceramic glass.  We hope to have it repaired by Friday.  The temperatures here will be down to 27°F this Thursday.  That's pretty cold here.

Although we are trying to heal our family, we struggle along with the rest of the world, in the cost of medication and medical treatment.  Although the doctors typically want to give you an antibiotic that they feel will work, I have been asking each time, for the free ones that our pharmacy will provide.  All but 2 of us have infections of some kind (sinus/bronchitis), and we need to stop if from spreading.

Today, I took yet another daughter to the doctor.  As for me, they gave me a shot, a breathing treatment, and sent me home with two more antibiotics.  If I am not better in two days, I will be sent for a chest x-ray.

The lesson I learned in this, is to never put myself last.  I should have taken the time to double check with a doctor before it got so bad.  I have a tendency to assume that I "don't get sick."  I have gotten the kids to the doctor before their lungs were in need of more medical care.  

The sad part is, is that so many people in our area, especially at the schools, have the same symptoms.  Too many of them are ignoring it and not getting medical attention, thus the spreading of the germs continue.  

I hope to feel good in a few days.  I hate being sick.


Candy C. said...

Good news on the stove door! Hope ya'll get this bug whipped soon!

Unknown said...

A lesson hard learned. I had to be really sick to take a day off work. The I'd think- I'm home sick so I'll clean the house. Now I do preventative (2000 mg. vit d daily) and start resting more if I feel something coming on. And homeopathic stuff works great, much cheaper than anitbiotics...