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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Homemade Crockpot Applesauce

I had two bags of orchard apples that needed to be dealt with.  The intended purpose for them, was to make two apple pies for the Thanksgiving meal.  It didn't happen.

I peeled and cut
a 1/2 peck bag full of granny smith apples, and another 1/2 peck bag of a sweeter apple (I have no idea what my husband bought).  I mixed them together in my largest crockpot, along with a bit of fresh lemon juice, one strip of lemon peeling, and one cinnamon stick.  I added a bit of brown sugar and slowly baked down the apples.

In no time, I had filled several jars with freshly made applesauce.

"So what do you do with that?" asked my husband.

Well, he'll be surprised what I can use this applesauce for:

1. Eat as a side dish.
2. Spread on pancakes and waffles.
3. Make an applesauce and peanut butter sandwich.
4. Use it in place of oil in baking recipes.
5. Bake applesauce cakes.
6. Bake applesauce cookies, muffins and breads.
7. Add it to fruit smoothie drinks.
8. I heard you can freeze it, but haven't tried it yet myself.
9. Use it with Pork dishes.
10. Make scented applesauce Christmas ornaments.
11. Use it to make French Toast.
12. Make a salad.
13. Make homemade gum drops.
14. Make applesauce barbeque sauce.
15. Make granola.

............silly man, doesn't he know that women know what they're doing in the kitchen?  Applesauce is a perfect pantry item to stock up on.


Candy C. said...

I LOVE making applesauce in the slow cooker!! I freeze mine all the time and it works great; when thawed, it's like I just made it! I copied down the BBQ Sauce recipe to try next time I make my baked meatballs. :)

Unknown said...

I freeze mine to, works great! I made some applebutter from mine too, great for sandwiches. On toast with some sliced banana and peanut butter :), that's a meal!

Katmom said...

This brings to mind, an episode of the "Brady Bunch" on T.V.,,,when asked what was for supper, one of the little boys said, "Pork Chops an Apple sauce!"... lol!
Ours never lasts long enough to freeze! lol!