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Monday, May 2, 2011

Dandelion Jelly

My first batch of dandelion jelly, and it turned out syrup.  Ugh.  We picked the flower petals free from the dandelion tops,

I carefully simmered them, and strained them,

and boiled the final ingredients just as the recipe stated.  However, in the past, I’ve added the sugar after it’s been brought to a boil.  This recipe boiled everything together.  

Now, we have 3 1/2 pints of dandelion syrup that will be used on waffles, pancakes and possibly ice cream.

I did learn that you should not squeeze the bag of petals, as the recipe suggested, but should leave it drip on its own.  This way the jelly is clear and not cloudy looking. 

I will make this again some day, but just not today.   

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Melissa Carr said...

Now I have something to try with all the dandelion bouquets my daughter brings me! Thanks for sharing.

Maria said...

My first try with dandelion jelly did the same thing.....However, I read another blog and they said to add extra I threw it all into the pan again, reboiled it, added more pectin and it jelled nicely. I hope it works for you!!

Kristina said...

Thank you. That tip will help with the next batch. I'm using this first batch to sweeten my organic green iced tea.

nancypo said...

What's the flavor like???

Anonymous said...

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