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Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Weather ~ Yarn Prices ~ Painting Update

 The weather is moving colder again, and the entire week has been nothing but gloomy days.  It's been dark, cloudy, rainy, and now snow showers.

Unfortunately, all the resources for yarn online, have once again raised their prices.  I'm holding off for a sale, but geeze, this is getting ridiculous.

Windows are now painted, other than the very tippy top.  Those will be finished today.

I checked in at the Museum gift shop (where some of my handiwork is sold), and they are pretty well stocked.  I found out they are closing at the end of December for a month.  I will have plenty of winter time to restock items.

We also picked up grave pillows I had someone make. We did a barter for that, which was nice.  Not sure when we can deliver those yet.  The weather is an issue as well, and we are on a time line to get the rest of the painting done.  

Oh, and as far as the flooring goes for the living room, we found out (should have checked sooner), that our hardware store does not carry the transition piece to match the flooring.  So now we are delayed even longer.  The flooring can go in, but seriously, why carry flooring with no matching transition piece?  She even checked a sister store.  Nope.

December is a pretty busy month for us - our baby girl turns 21 this year, we are approaching our wedding anniversary, then there is Christmas, followed by New Year's Eve party.  Goodness, life needs to slow down right now.  


50 and counting said...

Look at the Wool Warehouse in the UK or Hobbii in Denmark. It is more cost effective for me to buy from them than it is from suppliers in Canada or the US, even when you factor in shipping

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

50 and counting, thank you, I will check into that.