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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Hats ~ Questions


Not that I need another project right now, but I returned the coat for a smaller size and ended up with a green colored coat.  The above yarn matches it the best, so I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics and picked up some faux fur pom poms.  The smallest I could get was medium, but they were on sale 40% off.  

The pom pom is a tad too big for my liking, but it will work.  Regular price for one medium was $2.99.  I paid $1.79.  I feel it would less expensive to buy 12 or 24 for selling hats less expensive.  I am looking at some on Amazon that would make a 24 lot about $.70/each.

Question:  If you crochet/knit and use these faux fur pom's, where is the best place to purchase a set of them online?  

I looked up the one I purchased at JoAnn's , and it says Medium, 4 x 4 inch.  I think I would like smaller ones.

I won't start a new hat right now, but put it all in a bag, for working on when we have longer car trips, like to the cemetery etc.

Question:  What is your favorite (if you crochet) hat pattern that is free and online?

I have made a few different hats, and with different yarns, but since I had that thyme colored yarn, I think I will use it.  I read that some yarn that is part cotton and part acrylic works better, but I just don't want to buy more yarn right now.  Thoughts?

While I wait for the delivery of the floor transition piece, I am tidying up our room.  I had more yarn in there than my husband would like (he he!), but I wanted to make sure I had it accessible during the floor tear out.


Granny_J said...

I crochet hats every year to donate to the shelters and for women I like the snowy ridges pattern. I don't put pom poms on them though.

russell, iowa said...

Go to yarn inspiration free crochet patterns. This site used to be run by red heart yarns at one time. Roberta

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Granny J and Russel, Iowa