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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Priming the Trim and other ramblings. . .


I wasn't even going to paint the trim in the living room, but after we talked about it, we decided it would brighten up the room.  I have started to prime the trim, which is slow going.  I decided to use a tool to paint edges vs. using expensive paint tape.  It is slower, but works for the job.  You can see the room is already brighter with the trim white vs. dark wood.

Good news!  I got an email and a text.  The flooring will be in this week, and the gas heater is ready to be picked up.  I guess that means I better get these windows done, so we can get the walls painted next.  I never expected to do that either, but since we had to replace the entire floor, and it hasn't been painted in 14 years, we decided to do it.

I have been a bit depressed, and not feeling like it's even Christmas time right now, but glad this project is keeping my mind busy.  I'm just used to baking, and making homemade gifts this time of year, and I am not.  Heck, I'm not even sure where my Christmas cards are, that I bought a few years ago.

I am having grave pillows made for Mom and Dad's grave.  I will post a picture of them when I pick them up.

I am rotating crochet projects again.  I think it's just because I get bored doing the same blanket every night (although I am very happy with my color rotation).  I dug out baby yarn to re-stock baby booties.  I'm working on finding a nice, but inexpensive way to package them.

I'm also looking for inexpensive clear (with zipper) blanket storage bags.  I would like to have them for when I donate the lap afghans.  I found some on Amazon, but the per-piece price is a bit higher than I would like.  I will keep searching.  Wal-mart is more expensive and their bags are a bit too big.

I haven't had time, but there is a new crochet venture I am going to start making, as this living room project comes to an end.  It will keep my spirits up for selling stuff next year.

Today will be interesting.  Balancing house work while painting is a true hot mess, ha ha!


Leigh said...

Looking good! You will be so happy with your living room once all the work is done and mess is cleared. House projects like this are worth the bother.

Kristina said...

Leigh, thank you. We figured since the floor had to be ripped out completely, it was good time to paint and redo stuff while we could. When we took the carpet out, there was that thin layment board under it. Under that was original flooring (no OSB board under that). It was so old I can't believe no one fell thru the floor before we noticed problems. So glad to get things moving along.

Jackie See said...

Gosh that is a big room! I am excited that you have more materials to move this project along. Paint? It's expensive and makes a big difference after it is all done. I love that you are painting the trim also. It's going to have a bright new look!! On with the project girl!!! You got this! ~jackiesee~

Kristina said...

Jackie See, I did not realize how big the room was until we removed all the furniture. Sigh...yeah, flooring for this room was not cheap, but it had to be done. I had no plans to paint the trim, but my husband and I decided it was the best time to do it before flooring and like you said, brighten up the room.