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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Winter Storm ~ Blizzard Conditions


My afternoon delight most days now - homemade hot chocolate and mini marshmallows we picked up in Amish country.

You may see blips in posts now.  Meaning, more chances of power outages, loss of internet (like this morning), etc.

This morning there was a car accident nearby, which took out power, and I am sure I heard life flight fly over.  Praying for all involved.

No, the heaters are not on yet. and the temps will drop to 0°F tonight (so frustrated with getting this done).  Experts have been called in at this point.  Delivery on our flooring transition piece is a month from now.  We will fire up the woodstove, but I sure hope we saved our fireproof rug from the pellet stove.  I went to the farm store to buy a new one, and they told me they never got any shipped in this year.

I made an attempt to have the sofa moved back to the living room, but we could not get anyone in the family to help move them.  We literally have about an hour of daylight after my husband gets home from work. 

The winter storm is moving in now.  Rain turns to snow, then icy roads and blizzard conditions.  I believe we will be snowed in for a few days.  Stay safe my friends.


Jackie See said...

Stay warm! I wish you had this project done in time to stay warm and cozy and relax during this weather. Stay focused, and stay cozy with that cup of delicious cocoa. I am sitting here looking out my window at wind and snow so tiny we can barely see it. Our pond is not frozen at all because of this wind. Temperature now is 8 degree F and we have a few wild geese swimming around. Today will be a ham and bean day with fried potatoes and skillet corn bread. I may even make a couple of pies just to have the oven on. It is so dark outside that the Christmas lights inside are glowing. I think of our ancestors living in log cabins sitting around the fireplace telling stories. I hope everyone is warm and safe. ~jackiesee~

Kristina said...

Thank you Jackie See