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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, September 2, 2022

Sunrise ~ More Canning with Tomatoes ~ Question

I woke up in time to see this beautiful sky.  I did however, sleep in, and did not get to see my husband before he went to work.  He is taking over a supervisor position for a few months.  Let's just say the coffee pot is pre-set at 4:30am now. 

Unless I try and put up another table in the living room, I am plum out of room for ripe ones.  I'm trying my best to get things canned, but I can only do one sauce/tomato recipe in one day.

We have surpassed 200 pounds of Amish paste this year.  There are more out there, and the plants are dying.  Sheesh, but so thankful for the stock up with all of them.

The recipe I use for the Lemony -Tomato Basil soup is from this magazine.  Looks like a magazine, but thick like the ball regular canning book.  I think I bought it at TSC farm store.  I canned another batch of this soup.

It is also the same magazine that has the BBQ sauce recipe that I can.  To me, it's the best one we've tried so far. I canned a batch of this too.

Question:  I bought a  motion sensor hand soap  dispenser a year ago and paid like 20-some bucks.  The same Simplehuman brand today costs $50!!  I kid you not.  I really want one for both bathrooms, but don't want to paid a fortune.  If you use one, what brand is it and do you like it?


Katie C. said...

I bought that soap dispenser from Simple Human and I paid the $50! You were lucky. They have several and I think the one with the clear reservoir is the best one because you can see when you need to refill the soap. I love it but I’m not willing to invest another $50 a pop to get more for the bathrooms. I just got a simple hand pump dispenser but again I went with clear. Bed, bath and Beyond had some that came with soap in them in the kitchen department. Funny, I noticed later that it was the Simple Human brand too. Anyway, around here in Virginia, BB&B will let you use the 20% off coupons even if they are expired 👍

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Katie, I have the one with the clear reservoir and love it! I just don't love the price. I bought foaming soap lids from Amazon and they do not work well after a few uses.