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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Prayer request and other ramblings

The refinery my husband works at had an explosion last night and two (last I was updated) were badly burned.  Please send prayers, although I do not have names.

Update:  The two people died from their injuries.

I have been distraught since we heard about this.  My husband has been working a supervisor position with lots of over time lately.  If you haven't watched the movie Deepwater Horizon, you really should.  Then you would understand why I stay busy when he is at work, to keep the worry bugs away.  

Speaking of busy, I had a special request for a hair clip, so I'm working on that between everything else.  

Daughter K showed up late, but showed up.  Her stuff is out of the living room, and she also helped me out by taking a small table. She always has stories to share and gives us the giggles and shares interesting stories.

Her latest one was saving baby birds.  She literally had to hide them at her work place.  I guess some company came and knocked down all the bird nests, baby birds and all. She scooped them up and called a place to save them.  Knocking the nests down with eggs or birds in them is illegal.  Apparently the company that did this is in being looked into.

She once saved a baby duck at her last employment.  It was randomly running around the parking lot.  I remember her bringing it home in a box.

We got updates on how the dogs are doing.  King is still having seizures.  She said the giant long wiener dog toy I bought a long time ago was finally destroyed.  I guess it's time for us to buy more toys for the grandpups, ha ha!

Well, we got rain all night and will again today, so I won't get to work on pulling the garden stakes today.  Sheesh.  I'm okay with inside work, as it needs done ASAP.  If the rain gives for a while, I will check the bell pepper plants. 


Vicki said...

Kristina...Ptaying for the souls of the two who died and for their families. And that God wil place a veil of protection over your husband.

Debby said...

It saddens me to hear of the 2 deaths. Prayers for all involved and to their families.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Debby