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Friday, September 17, 2021

America's Test Kitchen ~ Pamper Me Day

I love watching America's Test Kitchen and Cooks Country, however, it may get me into trouble with new items in the kitchen (ha ha!)

I have used homemade foaming hand soap in kitchen and bathrooms for years.  However, after watching America's test kitchen and reviews on a touch less sensor hand soap dispenser, my kitchen now has one.  Cooking and washing hands will be so much easier.  I have no idea how I have lived without this.  It does require batteries, but I'm always asking someone to squirt soap in my hands and turn on the water.  I love our new soap dispenser!  I may get ones for the bathrooms, but they are exactly cheap either.  I will see how well it holds up before making that decision.

The sensor responds immediately and you can control the amount of soap it dispenses.  There is a light that comes on when your batteries are low too.  Easy to fill, and has a clear tank to see how much soap you have in it. 

The weather looks like it will heat back up, so the hot peppers will remain in the garden.

I found a new camper lock  (with two keys) for our camper, and it was only $40.00 and it's a perfect fit.  Our nephew (previous owner) lost the keys and the lock didn't work.  Camper World had quoted us $180.00.

I finally got our pre-buy purchase done with our propane.  However, the price for pre-pay went up from $1.44/gallon to $1.78/gallon.   I can't imagine what it will be without the pre-buy rate.

I'm super excited!  I have booked a craft event for October.  It's outside so I am praying for good fall weather.  It looks like there will be many food options that day and lots of fun vendors. 

I drove to the "Big City" with another attempt to be beautified.  Daughter E got trained on highlights.  I also got a fresh do with a cut.  Now she can offer more services and make more money.

I guess Federal Express is having a terrible time getting drivers.  I have an account to check on my orders, but it's mainly one company that I do regular orders, and it has not arrived.  However, amazon orders seem to arrived timely.  They are using amazon vans to help with deliveries.

Mom is finally out of the hospital and back home.


Unknown said...

I got that soap dispenser too. Yes, it was pricy but I love it in the kitchen. It has held up over time so far too.

Faith said...

The few things which I ordered which were to be delivered by Fed Ex, arrived later than they said they would. Usually a Friday. It's not their fault. People don't want to work, and the government is supporting them while we pay for it. I'm grateful for the people who do work, and commit their time to earn money the old fashioned way for themselves and their families.

Kristina said...

Unkown, thanks that is good to know it lasts a long time. I am in love with it in my kitchen.

Kristina said...

Faith, yes, that is the reason Fed Ex is having issues. My Mom said there was a story on the morning news about it. Every business is having some sort of staffing issue. Including the salon my daughter works for the the business Daughter K works for. Our friends who own a bar/restaurant shut it down for a week to give everyone a break.