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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Chit Chat

Nothing really exciting on the news front.

 I dehydrated more oregano to make sure the new dehydrator worked.  There are things about it I like, and other things I do not like.  It is much quieter than my last one.   

I can say that I am glad I saved my trays from my older one.  The new ones are thinner, and the way the metal is twisted on the trays, the oregano stuck to the trays.  I had to layer the counter top with sheets of waxed paper, so I didn't make a mess, and didn't lose any of the dried oregano in the process of removing it.   I dried some oregano for the kids, and I was thankful to find a drawer full of saved lids to top the canning jars with.

How I found the lids?  Well, funny story.  I have one daughter who just started to learn to crochet, and asked for some yarn and supplies.  I went rooting around in my craft drawers, and low and behold, I had used one drawer for empty baby food jars and lids that fit canning jars (peanut butter, tahini, and other jar lids).  

I used to use the baby food jars for gifting extra dried herbs, and making homemade salves and hand creams.  I no longer use the jars, so those will find a new home soon.  Oh, one year I filled baby food jars with homemade taco seasoning, and gifted that one year.

Essentially, I found an entire drawer of items to get rid of, other than the lids I can use for when I open canned items, such as pickle relish, jam, taco sauce, ketchup, etc.

I not only found the lids, I found a pattern template that, for some reason was in a plastic bag, and tucked in a drawer with other half finished craft projects (yes, more unfinished, ha ha!)

The pattern is for a handmade Chicken Christmas ornament.  More than 4 years ago, I made one for our tree, and never did make the intended amount of them.  As you can see I found the painted clothespins with eye screws already in them.  I have no idea what I'll do with it all yet.  Most likely see if one thrift store will take it.  I have no plans to finish them, as my family has a ton of homemade ornaments from me already.

I have yet to locate my extra set of crochet hooks for the one daughter, but I now have more rainy day purging to do.  I found more craft supplies that need a new home, ha ha!  I thought I purged all of my supplies, but nope.

On another subject, I finally got the potatoes planted in the garden, but we have some more hot peppers to plant. I plan to get that done by the weekend.  My foot hurt yesterday, and actually swelled a bit, so I'm taking it easy for a day.  I will be getting another x-ray later this month.  At least the garden will be completely in by the weekend.  We didn't even know if we'd have one this year.  I did not plant popcorn or sweet corn this year.  We'll be buying it this year.

My husband bought some dragons breath flowers, so I got those planted, and more mulch dropped.  We had to buy a new broom for the porch, so porch cleaning can now resume.

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Mother Em said...

Husband brought in another small pot of potatoes. He grows him from the "eyes" that sprout from potatoes I never-got-round-to-cooking during the winter. Some are small but, of course, will taste just as good.

Hoping your foot is truly on the mend. Have a great day up younder.

Mary in GA

Mother Em said...

Thanks on tips for peaches (earlier comment). But, is there an easier way of peeling other than standing all day? Do you blanche like tomatoes or just peel? Haha, none coming in just yet, but pretty soon. Again, have a great day.
Mary in GA

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I like the chicken ornament, it's cute

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Mother Em, as far as peeling peaches, I just peel them, because I do small batch jams now. I have not heard of a faster way to peel them yet.

Thanks Jo-Annie's Ramblings