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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, June 13, 2024

. . .from the handiwork journal

 Instead of moving an entire basket (again), I decided to just tackle what was in the basket, and store the basket away. One project will be taken apart (beads will be donated to a kiddo), one needed edged together, and the other two needed ends sewn in.  One was from 2017!  

A doily I made, and most likely was a porch project, as it is with #10 crochet thread.  Done!!  The doily was no slow project, as it is 11 x 16 inches.  I had a place for it years ago, but now I have no idea just yet.  I can't believe it let this project go so long unfinished.

The other unfinished projects?  A single hot pad.  The story behind it?  Why there is only one?

The story?  Well, I used to sell what I made.  I had a blog where I used to share and sell items, a social media page (since been deleted), and sold items at the Farmer's Market and Holiday craft shows.

My Mom was my biggest fan, supporter, and purchaser.  She found so many people who would buy what I made, and I supplied.  However, one woman wanted an entire lavender kitchen set for her daughter.  I had some lavender, so I started on the hot pad set, but had to order more of the same color to crochet the second one, and then one XL (9 x 13 size) hot pad.  

If you crochet or knit, you know that if you want the same color lot, you need to order enough, or buy enough for the project all at the same time.  I ordered the same color, and same brand, and the color did not match the one I made above.  I had to start over.

Oh, here is the kicker to the story....

The woman didn't want them after I had finished them all.  She told my Mom, that it was not lavender and looked like "gray."  Sigh.  My Mom giggled, and gave me the "don't worry" wave, and she either sold it or gifted it after that fiasco.

So, I finished the single hot pad, edging it with random leftover yarn, and gave it a home.  

One baby pacifier holder, which only needed ends sewn in and blocked. I think I had plans to make numerous amounts to sell, but never had the time to get more made.  Done and done!  The hot pad went in the camper.

I have much more to get back in order, so I will not run out of rainy day organizing/purging and whatnot.  In the process for searching for extra crochet supplies for a daughter, I found a more craft supplies that can be purged and donated (on the rainy day list).

I have come up with one more way to use my cotton yarn stash.  Well, a small bit of it anyway.  More on that later.


Leigh said...

Organizing and re-organizing is an eternal job, isn't it? Get it done, and it has to start over again (kind of like doing dishes). The doily is lovely. I'm not able to work that fine, so I'm doubly impressed.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Leigh, I used to love working with the crochet thread, but I'm at the point where I'd rather work with thicker yarn like worsted weight. I used to make all sorts of stuff for craft shows, but nothing of the sort ever sold. It felt good to get all that done, and not shuffle it around again. I think I was practicing thread patterns to make some for my Mom. I ended up making her some but with #3 thicker thread.

Charlotte Boord said...

The doily is beautiful! I have one that my Mom made, it is circular but with the same colors. If you haven't found a home for yours yet, I'd love to have it. Please let me know how much to send you and I'll get it into the mail asap!
Thank you,

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Charlotte Boord, thank you! My husband has insisted we display it in our home.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I like the holder for a babies dummy, the doily is nice I have a few of them around my house

Betsy said...

I love making doilies. I've made two HUGE tablecloths over the years but I haven't been doing much with thread lately. I've concentrated more on charity crochet for facilities and that's using washable acrylic worsted for the most part.
I'm glad your Mom appreciated all of your creations.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That is a very pretty doily!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Jo-Anne's Ramblings.

Betsy, wow! I can't imagine how much time goes into a huge tablecloth. I probably have enough thread to make one ha ha!

Far Side of Fifty, thanks!

Rebecca Knox said...

You're inspiring and encouraging! I love your creativity and the way you make do with what you have, use stuff up, rework, stretch, and make things work. I'm glad I visited today. I needed the reminder that I have plenty of stuff on-hand to work with and, at this time, I just need to work with what I got, finish a few projects, and get creative! I'm sure you don't even realize what you've done, but thanks for the gentle nudge to get back on track. Have a great day!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rebecca, I am so glad I have inspried you. I was moving a basket from room to room, not realizing that what was in it could have been finished years ago. Crazy.