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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Table Talk and Questions (one a serious one about bee keepers keeping bees on your property) ~ Goldenrod


This was not all in one day.  I do have a question at the end of this post today.  Actually two questions after someone stopped at our place yesterday evening.

I made the breakfast bell peppers again this week.  I used up spinach and bacon, that we had leftover from our camping trip.  The top pieces of the bell peppers were saved for another meal.

Roasted the first of our spaghetti squash for a chicken dinner casserole.  I saved some seeds, but gave the rest to the chickens.  It was not worth my oven time, to roast the last 1/4 cup or so of seeds.

I roasted a second spaghetti squash to make this dish.  We love it.  It is a meatless dish, but pretty good, and easy to make when you still have tomatoes.  I have also used cherry or grape tomatoes from the garden in the past. 

Not only is it delicious, it's very self sufficient.  You can grow everything for this (aside for the black olives), and you can make your own feta.
 The recipe is simply "Spaghetti Squash" recipe online with Allrecipes.

Due to my husband's long work hours in the spring, we did not get our raised beds built, so no greens were planted.  I am relying on what I can find locally.  I froze some kale and spinach this week.

Sage made it to the dehydrator.  I use a lot of it for homemade sausage.

Question:  Has anyone here made "breakfast" mushrooms?  I am re-thinking our breakfast, and would like to add mushrooms as a side when I make eggs or scrambled eggs.  I know they can be added to an omelet or casserole, but I'm considering it as a breakfast side.

My other question is a serious question.  We were sitting on the front porch last night.  My husband was making calls on his cell, and I was knitting.  A van pulls in, and a guy walks up to the porch.  He says he has a farm slightly north (maybe 20-25 minutes), and is a bee keeper.  He asked if he could bring 50 units (forgot what he said they are called) to put out back on our property, because we have a lot of goldenrod right now, and his bees are not doing well.  He proceeds later to say he has issues with his bees having mites, and if the bees are in the back corner of the property, we would not know they were even there.  He also told us that the government will only allow bee keepers to treat their bees with specific chemicals.

I'm hesitant on this, so I'd like your opinions on this.  He has to be able to drive them to where they will sit.  Also, he said he'd exchange a gallon of honey if we agree, but not until next year. 

We looked his farm up. He is legit.  He used to raise a bunch of meat birds and chickens, but has turned bee keeper now.

Getting some honey would be great, but I am on the fence with someone coming onto our property with his property, that we do not know.   What about these bees with mites and being treated with chemicals we know nothing about?  

 What if deer trample the bee hive boxes?  Or something happens otherwise out of our control?  Or am over thinking this?

I would appreciate all of your input, especially if you keep bees.

Sorry for the long post today.  Speaking of goldenrod, we have an abundance of it.  Do you dehydrate it?  What do you use it for other than tea?  I have wanted to put some up over the years, but it always seems something else needs done.

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