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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Weeds ~ Chickweed Tincture ~ Whiskey Butter ~ Asparagus ~ Garden Planting Starts

I have been weeding the rose bed, which may get all torn out and roses moved.  Every year one particular rose plant in one area dies.  I think they get more shade than sun, so I may have to re-think what I'll plant there for color.  Anyway, I had a good amount of chickweed, cleavers and dandelions in that bed too.

I got all of them into the dehydrator for other uses, including facial cleansers, and even got a bit of dandelion root dried.

I took a good amount of fresh chickweed, and chopped it up.  I am making a tincture from it.  Two pints that will sit for 4-6 weeksThe jars are packed with chickweed, so when I strain them, I won't have much.  I will need to make more I think.  Almost any online site will tell you how to make a tincture, but almost zero will give a testimony on what it cures or heals or helps heal.  I'll be sure to be back with a testimony when this is used.

I took some fresh chickweed, ground it up into a poultice, and placed them on my eyes at the end of the day.  It reduces inflammation and gives your eyes a soothing rejuvenation of sorts.  I followed the recommended time, and kept them on my eyes for 20 minutes.  I had to use paper towels.  I am fresh out of cheese cloth and gauze.  I can say my eyes felt great, and I honestly felt my eyesight was a tad sharper.  I have been outside in the wind, and my allergies are a bit flared, so this was a nice treat.

I had fresh cleavers available and I made an overnight tea infusion for lymph congestion.  I still have laryngitis and it's driving me nuts.  I'll let you know if this helps.  The recipe is in Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Recipes for Health book.  I am also drinking a combination of apple cider vinegar (2Tbsp) with honey (1 tsp), and a half cup of water for it.  It is getting better.

As soon as our goldenrod blooms, which won't be for a while, I'll be drying it for next allergy season.  I found a recipe in this book 

for an different allergy tea to drink . I borrowed this from the library (again).

I have parsley up in the garden (from re-seeding from last year), and I made whiskey butter for steaks and sweet potatoes.  Last year's garlic is still providing.

Our asparagus is doing great right now.  I brought in a little over a pound of it, and decided to try a new fresh salad recipe.

Shaved asparagus and white bean salad.  It's from Clean Eating online if you want to try it. We enjoyed this for our lunch break on Wednesday.   It's delicious.  Hubby took a vacation day, and we....

....planted 93 seed potatoes (Red Norland, Kennebec), chard, kale, shell peas, and sugar snap peas.  Then it rained, which we were so thankful for.  I'll have to get back out later after it dries up and plant the beets, carrots and radishes.  Overall, we were thrilled we got that much done.  A bit of mowing was accomplished, as well as picking up tree debris.  We planted our seed potatoes whole this year.  We felt, in our soil, they produced better this way, as opposed to preparing them by dicing them up prior to planting.  Oh, and we started our day with a morning motorcycle ride prior to all that work.  Then we ended the evening with another grill out on the porch to celebrate while the rain came down.  The kids joined us, as it was their first day back to school after Easter break.

I'm thankful it's wet out and more rain is in the forecast.  I can get some of my "rainy day" list checked off. 


Rain said...

Wow, you got a lot done Kristina. Where does your energy come from? I wonder some days when I'm looking out at the snow gradually melting, if I'll have the energy to take care of my garden! Some days just making dinner is a big challenge lol...your whisky butter looks great. That's cool about the chickweed for your eyes, we use cucumbers or old chamomile tea bags.

Susan said...

My goodness, you can pack a lot into a day! I will have to try that poultice on my eyelids. After a day of staring at a computer screen and watching for idiots on my commute home, my eyes could use some relief! I have always used damp chamomile tea bags but am always up for something new.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, this is the first time to experiment with chickweed. Trust me, Hubby and I were so tired last night.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, it really made my eyes feel so refreshed. I just chopped it up with my hand chopper, added warm water and flour to make the paste (tiny bit of flour). Yeah, we are both taking it easy today. He had to go to work, but storms are in the area, so no outside work (thankfully).

RB said...

You've been busy. I got tired just reading about all you did. LOL
Several years ago, our sister got me a big plastic rooster planter, I think maybe as a joke, but I love it. Every year, I plant two types of sweet potatoes in it, and they grow beautiful vines that trail over the sides, all for about 80 cents. ;o)
Praying everyone has a great weekend, and a safe one.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, I bet that planter is cute. You have a safe week too.

Sam I Am...... said...

I felt good about all I had accomplished today until I read your post! LOL! I remember those days but as hard as I think I work it's not nearly what I used to be able to get done. Good for you guys! I miss those days.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I Am, I don't usually get so much done, but this year has been fantastic.