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Friday, April 21, 2017

King-tastrophre #263 ~ Calendula and Shea Butter Lip Balm

King has pulled another "king-tastrophe." He is my least favorite dog and will remain on that list until I get over what he did.  Ugh.

I hurried out the door with Zuri on a leash, and Jesse.  No different than any other day.  I typically take King first, because he does his business rather quick.  Yesterday, I took Zuri first.

I went back to the door and guess what?  That #@*# dog, jumped on the knob and locked me out.  I had no phone, all of the vehicles gone for the day, no keys, entire house was locked up as tight as Fort Knox, and I had one screwdriver and a metal no-trespassing sign to work with.  I debated to get the ladder and climb to check the second story windows, but put the ladder back.  Too risky.  Something just told me don't do it.  I knew exactly which window I'd break if it came down to that though.

I fought the knobs on three doors, and finally after screaming expletives out my mouth for the wild animals to hear (and two very confused dogs), sweat forming all over me because it was 80° outside and storms were on the way, I got one door open.  King ran for his life and never came downstairs until the girls got home. I suffered a nasty cut on my finger and one big whopping headache.  Lesson learned.  Also have a key in my pocket when I am home alone.

Now...onto a lighter and happier note...

I took the time this year to purchase a small double boiler for all my lip balm/salve making.  I have used a pyrex cup in my regular double boiler, but the kids can get it confused with the pyrex I cook and bake with.  Even with it stored in another room.  So...

Why didn't I think of this years ago?  A simple can.  I don't usually have any, but this winter I used canned, organic black beans.

The cans are washed and dried.  I make my own lip balm, and when you heat the ingredients, then pour it into lip balm tubes (or containers), it leaves a film of it in the jar you make it in (making clean up a mess). 

Now, clean up is easy, or I simply save the same can to use the next time.  Wa-la!  No messy pyrex measuring cup now.  And I don't mix up my baking/cooking pyrex cup with my essential oil recipes pyrex cup now.

I washed up the tubes and lids and they were all ready to go.
My kids found these easier to use than the tiny jars (if you have long fingernails the tubes are easier).

Another easy tip?

Simply put a rubber band around the tubes before pouring your lip balm. The do-hicky that you can purchase to hold 50 tubes is a bit costly, and I don't make 50 at once.

I made 10 tubes of lip balm, restocking our supply.  Word got out at the school, and my girls kept giving them away.  Not this year.  We've made this with lavender essential oil (one person had a reaction), and then with peppermint oil.  We love the peppermint oil, so that's what I'm sticking with.  The recipe is on the Mountain Rose Herbs website.  I make my own calendula oil with the calendula that I now grow.

Calendula is also in the recipe for the lymph congestion tea recipe (book was posted in yesterday's blog post). I have also put freshly picked calendula petals in our salads.


Mama Pea said...

Oh, the frustration you must have felt when you realized you were locked out! I kinda feel sorry for King in that he probably received the brunt of your anger and he didn't even know what he did! Yep, a good idea to safety pin an extra key to your inside clothing . . . that way you'll never need it again!

Rain said...

OH my gosh Kristina....of all things to happen...naughty naughty King! I would have flipped out too! Good thing you got in. We do have a key hidden on our property for any reason we'd need it!
The lip balm is such a good idea to make at home. I use it all through the day and I'm sure that the store-bought one makes my lips need it more...I feel a conspiracy about it lol...that's a great idea about the can.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, you are right about King. I think we both went to opposite corners of the house to decompress. Today I brought him a new toy to share with Zuri. Even though I thought I was going to have to chill out in the barn with the hens for 2-3 hours that day (and hope the girls had their key), and was very upset, I know he didn't know what he did.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, I was just about to "flip out" when I screamed at myself and said out loud, "Get it together!" "You are a biker/farmgirl chick and you can HANDLE this." And that's when I tried one more door, one last time. We love the lip balm. It's rather easy to make too.

RB said...

I once had a cat lock me out. Luckily that time though, I DID have a door key in my pocket. As for King, now ya know the dog didn't know what he'd done. Very few dogs are more than 2-dimensional, so the majority don't understand cause and effect. They only understand we're ticked, and are confused and often upset as to why.
Since your lip balm was so popular at school, might think about having the girls sell them there. Not sure, but I think all you'd have to do is list the ingredients, so those with reactions to one or more of those ingredients could steer clear of them.
The weather's been a bit hot, but breezy and beautiful otherwise. Bro Tom went on a boating trip with a friend to the NC mountains. They didn't catch any fish, but they slept overnight on the boat and had a great time. I love the NC mountains, all mountains actually. LOL
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, I have thought about selling the lip balm at the Farmer's Market too. I will have to research labeling on it. Thanks. I would love to go on a fishing trip. How fun! Glad they had a good time.

Sam I Am...... said...

Oh my word! You poor gal! I got locked out last winter and it was getting dark so I went to the neighbors and called 911...they said it wasn't an emergency and that the police aren't allowed to 'break in' to anyone's house.....really? I could have froze to death but I managed per usual....I rarely ask for neighbor said she had a headache and I could tell she couldn't wait until I left. I did call a locksmith first but the only one around was in the hospital. It just proves to me that I have only myself to depend on! I would hide a key in the barn will happen again. What a dog but he didn't know what he did...he's probably constipated now! LOL!
I keep wanting to make lip balm as I use it all year long. I don't have long nails so I can use the tins and my daughter too. th anks for the reminder! I cannot believe I have missed a whole week of your posts....I think I must have been in a stupor last week!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I Am, it's that time of year when I find new weeds and other things to get into, ha ha! I try not to post long post, but some get so funny and some get interesting, ha ha!