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Monday, January 27, 2014

Sorghum Candy ~ Yet Another Arctic Blast

I had some extra dark chocolate melting wafers leftover from the holidays.  And with the snowy weather, and slippery roads we are getting, I decided to stay inside. 

I decided to make these delicious candy pieces that are made with sorghum. Sorghum, if you haven't heard of it, is sometimes called "poor man's sugar." 

This recipe is in the book, The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook, by Cheryl Day and Griffith Day.

This recipe uses very little butter to make.  You start off with melting the butter, and dissolving the sugar....

You add only 1/2 cup of the sorghum to it....watching the thermometer and stirring very little with this recipe....

It's poured onto a baking sheet using parchment paper (I love this part).  If you do make this, when you pour it onto your baking sheet, it is very foamy-like.  

When it cools, you break it apart.  Check it out!  It's very honey comb looking.  It's very light to eat too.  We tried it like this, and then again after we dipped the pieces in dark chocolate.  

Yum!  This is a winner recipe.  If you get the time, check your library for the cookbook.  They have many recipes that are delicious.

This is going on the Christmas 2014 list.  The kids all raved over, but one also said other folks may not like it like we do.  It all depend on if you like sorghum molasses or not.  This recipe makes as much as our toffee recipe.

As for the weather here, we (as of right now) have running water.  We had to let the faucets run vs. drip.  The weather today is a high of 11°F (wind chill -6°F).  Tonight they are calling for a low of -30 to -40°F wind chill, with a possible high of 0°F.  In history, on this particular day of the month, it has not been this cold since 1936.

We have plenty of wood, but we continue to run several of our electric floor (wall) heaters to prevent our pipes from freezing.  Once this "arctic blast" lifts, I can turn them off again. 

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Looks yummy!
Hope you stay warm! We are dealing with the freezing cold as well. No fun!!