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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Teabag Tidbits ~ Temps and Snow ~ No "Pretend" Food

Is your tea talking to you today?

Looks can be deceiving.   This morning we have a wind chill of -27°F and an actual temperature of -8°F.  One barn cat is still out there in the elements, and had not made an appearance.  We are hoping he's okay.  Just looking out the window this morning, it looks nice can cozy. Don't forget to click one "read more". . . .

Hubby and watched the news last night, in anticipation for weather updates.  School closed while we were watching it too.  They stated that as of yesterday we have gotten 39 inches of snow this month alone.  A record for us.

We had another good meal from storage yesterday.  I had 2 jars of my pepper mustard sauce, and organic chicken.  I once again, placed chicken in the crock pot with my home canned pepper mustard sauce, but topped it on quinoa this time.  We cooked up some frozen (from the garden) sugar snap peas (which we had an abundance of regardless of a bad year least year), along with some garden onions and hot pepper.  I also opened a jar of home canned spiced beets.  Yum!   And that's not all.

I has some leftover buttermilk, and more blueberries in the freezer (and a house full of hungry kids), so I made another buttermilk-blueberry coffee cake.  I had to use brown sugar for the topping (out of sugar here), and it was still good.

Looking at tomorrow's forecast, I'm not sure the kids will have school yet.  They are calling for wind chills in the negative teens, but a temp of about 0°F.  

Hubby and I are starting to wonder if mother nature wants to torture parents with kids home all day (and in the winter all boxed in). Ha ha!   I'm starting to call it "chicken-coop-itis."  Now I know what my chickens must feel like.  All cooped up in one place.....

Yesterday, our 17 year-old completely cleaned out our silverware drawer, discarding useless items, disinfecting, and reorganizing it.  Yay!  One more thing done for "spring" cleaning.   I had all of them cleaning one thing or another.  I am sure they are very ready to go back to school.  Yesterday I told them if they said they were bored, I'd be homeschooling and breaking out the flashcards.  Either that, or we'd be finding something to "spring" clean.  

I don't expect to hear a peep out them today.


Carolyn said...

Hope your barn cat is snuggled down someplace safe. Once in a while, our outside cat will refuse to come inside even when its really cold outside. I guess he just finds a sheltered space & hunkers down.

Spring cleaning sounds like a good idea! Maybe it will make me feel more "springlike" if I get some of it done now?

Candy C. said...

Good idea putting the kids to work! I hope this cold weather breaks for you guys soon. It's still waaayy above normal here. My fruit trees are trying to put on buds fer Pete's sake!

Willow said...

Very beautiful serene photo with the snow and yes I can see the cold !
I hope your barn cat has just tucked himself somewhere warm for a bit and shows up soon.

Liz said...

I used to say the same thing when my kids were young and we were snowbound!! Always something to clean. lol.. Hope your barn kitty makes it back safe.

Michelle said...

My kids use to live in their rooms. To this day I still say they were using their room to hide from me so I would put them to work. Hope your cats ok. Please keep us informed.