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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Movie Madness and Snowed In ~ Propane Shortage?

Hubby and I borrowed several movies from the library, and recently watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  It was different, but we really did enjoy it.  There are advantages of being snowed in.  Ha ha!  I know this is not homesteading related, but stay with me here......

Prior to Christmas, I had ordered several movies via the inter-loan program our library has.  These finally came in, so we watched them too.  Both are family friendly and we all enjoyed them. 

We also watched this Elysium (takes place in 2154, Sci-Fi Drama).  My son had it and loaned it to us.  Makes you wonder about what the future will really be like.  We honestly thought the ending was rather dull.  The one-man-dies-to-save-all is kind of over done in the movie making business too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Recently, we received a letter (marked "urgent") from our propane provider.  There is a shortage (nationwide) of supply to customers (thankfully we filled up our tank in December), and according to them, it's due to a "distribution crisis."

According to our supplier, they simply can't get the supply for the demand right now. 

Due to frigid temperatures this winter, we've had to turn on our electric floor heaters and our bill went from around $100.00 to $331.96.  The outlook for next week is not good news either:

"The work week will be extremely cold. The NWS has already issued a Wind Chill Advisory that will go into effect Monday."
We are considering a wood burning boiler now.  Our straw provider built one, so we have someone local to learn from too.  And we can find out how efficient it has worked (he's had one for 2 years now).
With the thawing of our pipes, I've started my "spring" cleaning already - cupboards under the sinks.  
I'll be whipping up more hot ginger tea and cold ginger-ale (all homemade) today.  More sickness in the home, but Hubby is on the mend.  He is a firm believer of my elderberry elixir too.  I can see a much quicker recovery. 
It's snowing again today.  I have to admit, it is very pretty to watch. 
One last note - my 17 year-old has been staying fairly healthy this winter.  She's been putting cayenne in her homemade hot chocolate. 


Tammy said...

Our furnace runs on propane too, and our provider said the same thing last week when I ordered another 50 gallons.

Ugh, let's hope this is over by next month (when we need to refill again).

Kelly said...

We were just talking about the propane shortage. We are total electric and our bill has been HIGH this year! Hope you guys don't run completely out. Spring is coming, not soon enough but it's around the corner. Hang in there :)
The cayenne in the hot cocoa is interesting, smart girl you have there :)
I woke up with allergies or something AGAIN today I think it's the flip flopping weather. Today its super nice almost 70 and by tomorrow morning we will have a wind chill of 3 :/ Bring on the heat of Summer, I'm ready!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I can't remember why the cayenne is good-- but I know it has many curative and preventative properties. Good for circulation--that is why I take it on occasion. Hadn't thought of the hot chocolate.
Hadn't heard anything about the propane.
Thank goodness we got our tank/leak repaired last year. The propane is lasting much longer already!
I imagine by the time we need more--the price will be outrageous. :/

I've not blogged much the last week or so...but busy same as you. I sometimes think it doesn't make for interesting reading (not yours, mine) So...I just don't write it out.
I should...just to keep a log for myself, if anything.
I totally understand what you mean about jams and jellies--vs. no profit. Sometimes we just have to cut our losses.
Y;all stay warm... and safe. Glad the hubby is on the mend.

Sandra said...

We have LP but we do not run it much in the winter. We have wood heat, and thankfully that has saved us a lot of money, especially this year.
The guy we buy our wood from says he had 60 orders this week!! He raised his prices due to the demand. I hope this cold weather ends soon!