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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

New Cracker Recipe Tried ~ The Good and the Bad

I dusted off my rolling pin, and tried a new cracker recipe for our hummus.
Recipe states to bake 15 minutes on parchment, flip over and bake again on parchment.

Cut into crackers, and make sure they don't touch and bake 30 more minutes on a lower heat.  I had to remove the thinner ones on the edges, or they would burn.

I left them cool on the baking tray.

My review?  First, I do not like to try a recipe, where the website online, has no comments.  I like to read through the comments and get tips or tricks or whatnot.  I went ahead and tried it, as I was looking for one without white flour, wheat flour and without any sweetener or sugar.

I do like this recipe, other than the original recipe calls for salt, and the to top it with everything bagel seasoning (I used homemade).  It is too salty.  I will omit the salt next time.  Although, my husband loved these crackers as is.

Delicious with homemade hummus!
Tahini too expensive?  You can make your own tahini:  Click Here.

Secondly, do not use parchment.  The dough sticks with the first flip.  You could use the parchment, but you lose some of the dough after the first bake (when peeling off the parchment).  I will be using my silicone sheets next time (for the first flip), and I may try other seasoning such as rosemary and garlic.

So...the good?  It's easy, tastes good, gets crisp like a cracker should be.  Very little ingredients.  I rolled the dough into sort of a log shape, then flattened it, then I used the rolling pin (over a second sheet of parchment).

The bad?  Use silicone baking sheets, it sticks to parchment, and omit the salt in the dough (unless you use a different, less salty topper for the cracker dough).  Also, do not leave the kitchen during the last 30 minute baking time.  It's hard to get the entire dough rolled evenly, so you'll need to watch for the outer crackers to be removed and continue to bake the thicker crackers in the center.  I sort of rotated them around, putting the thicker ones at the edge of the pan.

The recipe is online, 3-Ingredient Everything Bagel Grain Free Crackers (it has more than 3 ingredients).  Recipe is by Liz Moody.

 Bake time:  1 hour (or more, until crackers are crisp), with a 10 minute dough rest time in addition.

I have made many different types of homemade crackers, and we like this one the best.  I have also made many types of hummus. You can search my blog for beet hummus, pumpkin hummus and a few other types.

Updated:  I placed my crackers in a rubbermaid container, after covering the top with plastic wrap.  The crackers lost their crispness over night.  Can anyone recommend an airtight cracker container without breaking the bank?


Leigh said...

They certainly look good! Good enough for me to want to try making crackers again. I can't say I ever found a recipe I liked and don't seem to have the knack for rolling them just right.

I have a lot of trouble with humidity ruining crispness too. What I do is use a hand vacuum pump (mine is Pump-n-Seal) and the mason jar lid attachments from FoodSaver. These work with regular canning jars and lids and I can re-seal easily after opening. This not only keeps foods like crackers crisp, but keeps pantry moths out! I have a blog post about it somewhere . . . . umm . . . here -> Dry-Pack Vacuum Canning.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Leigh, thank you. We really do like these crackers, so a vacuum seal would be great.