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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, October 19, 2023

This and That ~ Questions

 Somewhere, in an undisclosed location....

I have installed a 3M hook to hold this multi-tool.  I am just frustrated trying to find a screwdriver in this place.  Until the garage is completely purged and organized, it will be where I can access it, and in hope that my husband does not find it (ha ha!).  Projects, repairs, and renovations have been crazy busy this past year and a half.

I also have this for whatever vehicle I am driving at the time.  

Over the summer, during tomato season  I was intrigued to find a recipe by Ball, that uses the jam/jelly maker.  It's a small batch recipe for 2 pints of pizza sauce.  Has anyone tried this sauce recipe?  I did not freeze any whole tomatoes this year, so this is on the try-it list for next tomato garden season.

I have a question.  It may sound dumb to some of you, but I have never read an e-book from our library.  They have a cookbook I want to look at, but I have never "ordered" an e-book from their catalog.  I do not own a kindle.  I do not wish to read it on my cell phone.  Do you download it to your PC and read it that way?  Also, if that is the case, will it take up a lot of space on my PC?  I would love to look at this cookbook, but like I said, I have never placed a hold on an e-book via their catalog.   

One more question on canning:  is there a tested recipe for canning Queso?  I am seeing recipes online, but prefer a Ball recipe or BHG tested recipe.  I once spent time and ingredients on a jam recipe I found in a Taste of Home magazine.  It turned out terrible, made way too much and did not taste good.  I emailed them and asked if it was a tested recipe.  They never answered me.  So....asking here first.  I'll be digging out canning recipes.  Thoughts?  I'm looking for a real recipe, no velveeta.


Pam said...

Hi Kristina, you can download the kindle app for your pc. Books take up hardly any room. Hope that helps. Other ther than that I can't help much I am in Australia and don't really know about your libraries

Catherine said...

When I check out ebooks from the library you can get the kindle version or you can open the book in a tab straight on your browser. So you don't really need the kindle app if you don't want it.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Pam and Catherine, I don't know anyone locally that uses ebooks from the library, and this helps. The cookbook I wanted to look at only comes in the ebook form.