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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, January 27, 2023

Homemade Everything Bagel Seasoning ~ New Snack and other Ramblings

I make this smaller batch recipe of homemade everything bagel seasoning,  but you can increase it for larger spice jars. There are many recipes online for this seasoning.  

I use 1 tsp of each of the following:

-kosher salt
-dried minced garlic (I make mine homemade)
-dried minced onion (again you can make this in a dehydrator)
-sesame seeds
-poppy seeds
(all organic)

I like to spread cream cheese on snack sized bell peppers, sprinkle the seasoning and sometimes add a few pieces of turkey pepperoni/cooked bacon or other choice of meat on top.  I gave my husband one the other day, and he is in love with this snack idea.  He put his nose up when I mentioned organic cream cheese, but he loves it.  The seasoning is the ticket for flavor.  So good.  I cannot wait for a fresh garden bell pepper this summer.

My husband loves it so much, that he asked for his own seasoning shaker to take to work. You could top these with cooked bacon pieces, turkey pepperoni, or other choice of meat as well. 


R's Rue said...

Looks good to me.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

R's Rue, thanks. It is good.

Debi said...

I started making this about a year ago when I compared the cost of store bought vs homemade. It's one of our favorite seasonings for all things from bread to meat. Glad your husband likes it too. Have a great weekend!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Debi, I hope you have a nice weekend too.