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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Sprout Jar/Rack/Tray Kit Update


You can go to my post HERE to see the jar/rack kit I purchased.  I bought it on Amazon, but can't remember the brand etc.  Anyway, I love this set!  The jar lids are wide lids, and fit any wide lid 1 quart jar (came with 2 as well).  The lids have groves to hold the jars sideways, which is needed to keep the jars drained between daily rinsing, and the tray underneath is perfect to catch any drips.  I had been using a kitchen towel.  Anyway, this was the next day after soaking and rinsing day 1.  Works perfect, and no hassles trying to balance the jars on the counter.

This was 2 days after initial soaking.  By the way, I soak for the first day, rinse and drain for the night.  I rinse daily.  I will be sprouting some microgreens for us soon using these.  Current sprouts are lentils, I sprouted for the chickens.  I take the black out cover off to rinse, then wipe the jar and cover again.

Day 3 after the initial soak and drain.  

Day 4.  All ready to feed to the chickens.

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