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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

This and That

 I've been keeping an eye out for spring wild violets.  They make the most delicious jelly, and the color is so pretty (and different, which makes it great for gifting).  

Rain continues here, so we may see wild violets earlier, but with snow in the forecast for today, we may not see them until next month.

Are you seeing wild violets yet?

If you have wild violets growing, or you are able to forage for them, you can read about the first time (May 2, 2018 is the day I picked the violets) I made this jelly on this blogpost (link).  It's not only a delicious and beautiful jelly, it smells wonderful while you are making it.  The next year I canned it, I used the 4 oz jars for gifting.  You do need to pack your cups when measuring the violets.  The less you have, the lighter the color and less of flavor.  

(photo from The Crochet Crowd - they are currently working up a pattern/diagram)

It's been so refreshing to walk into our living room and not see my unfinished doily sitting on the coffee table anymore.  What a relief it was to finish it.  However, I have stumbled upon a new pattern coming out for those liners you put between glass dishes (or pans).  I have seen the photos, but the patterns are being written right now.  It would use up some more of my yarn ha ha!  And it would be a small project for hot summer days.  Two wins.  It's just something I can make for ourselves, and use up the yarn stash.

The weather, like I said has been off the charts.  The rain is once again pouring down.  Severe weather returns later in the day and throughout the night - Thunderstorms, and the threat of tornados.


Debby said...

I’ve not ever seen Violet jelly. It looks pretty in the jar and would be nice in a gift basket. I wouldn’t know where to look for wild violets around here.

Jackie See said...

Our weather was bad for a few hours last night but our area seems to have storms split and go around us. We are so grateful for the rain! I love the idea of the crochet plate protectors. I currently use paper towels to cushion our everyday dinner plates, etc. I am currently moving heavy stuff to a lower shelf since my back surgery. I wish all furniture had rollers! I don't have wild violets close by but jelly sure is a beautiful color. Do you use sugar to make your jelly? I will follow your links and check this out. I am enjoying some Teddy Swims music while making out grocery lists, etc. Cloudy days... I just made a pot of coffee and plan to try to do some back exercises (which are painful and exhausting) then a hot bath. Dinner? Not sure, thehubs has his dental cleaning this afternoon so something soft may be on the list. I have been enjoying vegetable dinners (no meat) the store has been getting some nice fresh veggies to try. I always fix thehubs a meat, he is a meat eater, a good eater and not very picky. Not a lot getting done around here today. Just a slow, cloudy day and a new book. Oh, I wanted to tell you that I watched a series on Peacock called Leaves never fall. When you had strangers show up, I am so glad you didn't open the door! This series is all about someone opening their door to a stranger in need. Scary! Have a great day, rest a bit, calm your mind and treat yourself to an hour of self love. ~jackiesee~

Jackie said...

That jelly is such a pretty colour. No wild violets here though.

God bless.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I keep eyeing all the wisteria that is growing near my house and thinking I should make jelly with it. There are no wild violets around me.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Debby, violets grow in our yards within the grass. We don't spray anything or spread any weed killer, so we get lots of good medicinal and edible weeds.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Jackie See, I agree that back exercises are tough to do. I do think that women use their back muscles a lot less than men, so I do the exercises. We are still getting rain here. It will help the spring flowers and plants.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Jackie, it is very good too (the jelly).

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Anne in the kitchen, if you do find wild violets, the more you pick them, the more of them will grow the following year.

Leigh said...

I hear you about finally completing those UFOs!

The violet jelly is so pretty. Great idea for gifts.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Leigh, the jelly is perfect for gifting.