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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Something new for us ~ Asparagus

 It's a brisk 44°F this morning.  We are having a much cooler May this year.  Days are in the 60-70's, but yesterday the wind was horrible.  I'm not in a hurry to get into the garden today.  Pretty chilly out there.  Our internet is going in and out for some weird reason as well, so I will get this posted.

One day I had to run into a Dollar General for a funnel for cleaning spray, and saw these cute placemats.  Of course I bought some for us.  They were only $1 each.

I did not get any advice on a magnifying glass for crafting, so I went in search of one, and decided on this one.  It's portable, not too large, and converts to a handheld version, which makes it easy to store.  There are 3 light options on it.

You cannot move the magnifying glass upwards, to make it taller or shorter, but you can bend the lens part to your desired placement.  I will let you know how it works out for small crafting, such as jewelry.  It will come in handy for any small work in the garage for my husband as well.  There are a few light options on it.  I can't remember the price, but it was inexpensive.

I caved and bought us a sprout kit system.  They came with a drip tray and black out covers  (I had been covering the jar with a towel before this).  I will be growing microgreens in these, of which I use smaller seeds.   My green microgreen tray has holes that are too big, so this will work out perfect, and I won't have to buy seed paper or hemp sheets to grow them in my green tray.  These can be washed out and reused.

I can grown lentil sprouts in these for the chickens too.  I love the stand for it, and the covers.  Before, I would prop the jars up on a towel and cover with another towel.  It is more convenient this way.  I'll update on these after I get them in use soon.

We are still getting homegrown asparagus.  It is so delicious!  I'm so glad we expanded the bed last year and this year.

I have no sprouts yet on my spring planted garlic.


Debbie said...

Those placemats are so cute! I wonder if our store will have them. You never know what you can find at the dollar store.

R's Rue said...

I love asparagus. I’m enjoying the cooler weather in my neck of the woods. Regine

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Debbie, I found them at a Dollar General for $1.00/each. Dollar Tree has raised their prices to $1.25, and they do not have these. Hope you find some.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

R's Rue, we are having too cold of night weather. I'm worried about the plants I put in the garden. We love our homegrown asparagus. It tastes so much better than what you buy in the store.