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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, February 7, 2020

Snow Emergency ~ Easy Farro Chili

Our county remained in a snow emergency yesterday morning, and our school district ended up closing by 5:30am. Daughter's career school also closed.  Hubby messaged me that he made it to work safely (he had a 1 hour drive north into worse weather).

This morning schools have a 2 hour delay, due to snow.  We are also under a road level 1 emergency (cars will be towed on snow streets and roads are bad etc).

The force from the snow plow, blew every single one of our pole solar lights, right off the poles.  We just installed them brand new last summer.  I hope they still work, and will just need re-installed a bit tighter.

Romeo decided to steal a log off the hearth and tear it into itty bitty pieces, all over the living room floor and sofa.  Sigh.  How in the world he managed to do that without me seeing it.  What a mess!  Guess who had to clean it up?  Yep.  She had no school, so I put daughter to work.   I guess his toy box needs a re-fill real soon.

The egg basket is filling up thankfully!

Russell Crowe is at it again.  However, I did manage to get away with the eggs.  Dang rooster.  We got a whopping 5 eggs yesterday despite his shenanigans.  Hubby went out later in the evening and he didn't even bother him.  Hmpf.

It was a good day for a slow cooker chili, so I made a new recipe - Easy Farro Chili.  I found this recipe online, which swaps the beef with farro.  It was our first time trying farro and we do like it.  It made a nice chili too.  In fact, we caught our daughter eating it with quinoa/chia chips later in the evening for a snack (ha ha!)

Deep clean progress . . .
Pulled the fridge out from the wall, swept and mopped.  Wiped down utility room  bottom of half door.   The cat jumps over it and it had paw prints.

Cleaned up my writing nook, which hasn't been getting used because the room is not heated.  Found 2 more UFO's that I stashed in there over the past holidays and totally forgot.  I had also (gulp) stashed crafting supplies I used to make wine cork trees and wine cork ornaments (put it all away). 

I spot cleaned my  writing nook's carpet, vacuumed, knocked down cobwebs, and dusted.  I just need to clean some floor trim and wipe the wooden desk and chair a bit and that room will be completely done.

Me time?  I did a bit of crochet work, and read a few chapters in a book from the library. I finished my Feb. reading challenge book, so I borrowed another one for to read.


Rain said...

We're having major blizzard action here too. I'm so glad to be in my cozy's a white out currently. Chili sounds perfect for a day like today!

mamasmercantile said...

What a delight to have the egg basket filling up. I know the pleasure of fresh eggs. Another Storm, Storm Ciara is heading our way so we are getting ready for that.

Kristina said...

Rain, thanks, the chili was very good too.

Kristina said...

mamasmercantile, it is so nice not to have to buy eggs right now, and there is nothing better than fresh ones. Sounds like everyone is getting snow right now. Stay warm!