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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Random Tidbits

Nothing wakes you up faster than a cold house, because you both fell asleep and forgot to stoke the fire.  It's going again now, but it's 4am.  Every school is either delayed or closed but our district.  Roads are ice covered and there is a level 1 road emergency out.  It's 27°F this morning, but we had sleet, and you could hear it pelting the house.

I had planned a one night getaway for a late Anniversary/early Valentine's sneak away, but canceled it to work on the car this coming weekend.  It's probably a good thing, as more snow (2-4 inches in the area we would have been going) is coming and roads may not be that great.  We need the car fixed anyway.  It was the only thing I could come up with that wasn't a sweet treat, considering he can't have sugar right now.  I'll re-book it when I can, as we do need to get out of the house for fun.

Along with regular housework (dishes, laundry, watering plants, cleaning the fridge out etc.), I finished up washing down the kitchen cabinets, purged and organized the medicinal cabinet, and washed a flour sack towel curtain.

Luckily, I had some pineapple juice on hand, so I made homemade teriyaki sauce for dinner.  I had not thought ahead on ingredients when I meal planned (as far as the sauce), but it worked out.  I had most of the veggies already in the freezer thankfully.  The sauce contains honey and corn syrup, but a small amount (organic/non gmo), and it's so flavorful with fresh garlic and ginger root, that we only need a tiny bit to flavor the dish.  

We'll be moving stuff around in the garage, but not necessarily "cleaning it."  We need room to pull in the car, but man oh man it's cold out there.  Or, if we are lucky, we'll find extended family with an available garage.

We officially have zero home canned tomato sauce left in the pantry.  Unless I incorrectly kept track in my canning journal, we are out.  Poo.  Carrots are gone in the freezer too.

Daughter's report card arrives - GPA 4.250 right now.  So proud of her.  Out of 6 kids, she is the last to graduate/move out.  I doubt she'll move out too quickly, as she's seen her siblings struggle with the reality of expenses.  Anyway, we are so proud.  She's in the school musical, so she's practicing at night, and still maintaining grades.  We learned early, that we'd not let our kids get jobs during high school - grades plummeted with all of them that did get jobs.

The last of the clothespins are getting painted, but I will need a trip to town for supplies to finish them (ornaments).  It's my "on-going" project right now.

I put in the last 6 rows in the XL hot pad and finished it.  Now, the question is, will she still buy it or not?  It's overcast, which was meant to match the hot pad set, but this one is edged in white.  

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