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Saturday, February 1, 2020

February Reading Challenge Book Pick ~James Patterson ~ Homemade Meatballs ~ Garlic ?

It continued.

Blog post in January with the most views - This and That ~ Finishes

Kiss the Girls, by James Patterson.  The book is off my own bookshelf (discarded library book, and not in that great of shape), and when it's done, will be passed on to another person.  Most likely my daughter first.  Or recycled if it falls apart while reading it, ha ha!

Considering the weekend, with a possible chance to cut wood, I took Friday off.  Sort of.  They are predicting a "lot" of sunshine on Sunday, but Hubby has to work.

I did the dishes, and made a batch of meatballs (made with ground organic oats vs. bread crumbs).   Three trays went into the freezer. 

Recently, I was able to buy an organic spaghetti squash and made "spaghetti" and meatballs, with home canned tomato sauce for dinner.  Although our daughter wanted pasta, I still used the squash this time around.

I also finished my January book, on January 31st, for the reading challenge.  There are so many good recipes in this book too (I wish I could find more of her books at the library books sales).  Too many that have sweets, but I may save a few of the recipes to try this summer - Blackberry cookies or Blackberry pie perhaps.  By the way, this was the first book I have completely finished since 2017.  Yikes!

I have zero homegrown garlic to plant this spring.  I have searched the internet and have only found one resource that will ship for spring planting, and it's by one bulb per order.  Does anyone know of any online resource (or catalog resource) for spring garlic bulbs?  Organic of course.  Thanks in advance.  All other sources I use ship in October and that is too late to plant for fall anyway for us.  


Carol said...

My husband and I love spaghetti squash. He needs low carb and so I do my best to make the things that I can. I wish I had the time and knowledge to plant all of the herbs and stuff that you do.

Kristina said...

Carol, I first started my herb garden with a few things back when I didn't live in the country. I dug them up and moved them to two houses.

Faith said...

Here's a place for you. It's in Ohio, Amish country. They may have what you are looking for, I usually get a catalog, but don't have one yet or I would check for you.

Kristina said...

Faith, that's great. Thanks.

Sam I Am...... said...

Joanne Fluke is one of my favorites! I'm reading Peach Cobbler Murder right now. I've read them in order...I'm anal that way. Do you freeze them on a cookies sheet first and then bag them after they're frozen? It's supposed to be 73 here tomorrow and today is looking nice too.

Faith said...

They of course don't have a website, you can request a catalog. And they had bulbs for garlic available at the store. Now it's been a few years since I did that way, but I hope it helps. I bought garlic at the farmers market this year from the Amish, it was beautiful garlic, and I planted it in October. I hope it comes up, and that the squirrels didn't dig it up. I'll keep my eyes open if I run across anything else.

Faith said...

ps...we actually had some sun no. One place I just found here in Ohio also. I've not purchased from them yet, I just found it. Looks like they have lots of variety, and are around the area in a variety of locations. Hope you find something. Is there a reason you prefer to plant in Spring rather than fall? Just curious. When do you pull the garlic you plant in the springtime?

Kristina said...

Sam I Am, yes, I freeze then bag them. I got 5 meals out of 159 of them. We had surprise company, so I baked a few extra the other day too.

Kristina said...

Faith, thanks. We just had a very bad year, so I fall planted way later than I normally do, so I don't think it's going to do well. My very first year, I spring planted and it was fine, I just fall planted some of them that year.

Debby Flowers said...

Kristina, you have me puzzled. Where I live in Minnesota, everyone I know plants garlic in the fall, in late September to mid October. I shoot for October 15 myself. We mulch heavily with straw; I had amazing garlic last summer and planted most of it back this fall. These would be the hardneck varieties. That said, my favorite seed company is Pinetree Garden seeds and they do have a softneck that is for spring planting. Their website is

Good luck with it!

Kristina said...

Thanks Debby, I made a post to clarify what I was doing with the garlic this year.