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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How To's and Cookbooks ~ Starting Seeds ~ Herb Garden

I made another trip to the library.  I really need to stop bringing home cookbooks, but I'm always looking for a new food to try, or something new to can, or something new that would make a  nice gift.  I have yet to even open this one, or the food in jars book either.

I'm not sure why I even brought this one home, other than we love to grill out.  However, do you see what it says under "Burgers?" 

I found a miso salmon burger recipe, and it was pretty much the same ingredients (almost) as the chickpea miso burgers.  I whipped some up and they were delicious.

I borrowed this one, because this summer will be very busy outdoors.  I will be the mower, gardener, the everything.  I just hope the dogs behave (no fence yet, but if we mow down the goat area, I can fence then in there). 

I'm a bit late in starting seeds.  After last year, and buying and planting my herbs (twice), and the raccoons ripping apart my pots, I decided to start seeds indoors.  Actually only two herbs this spring (so far) - lavender is one.  I purchased trusted true lavender seeds from Mountain Rose Herbs. I planted some parsley for indoors, and started bell peppers, an heirloom tomato seeds (gifted to me last year from a friend - "Old Woman Italian").  If they sprout without a grow light (we've not been successful in this farmhouse), I may invest in another tray and start lettuce. We may even invest in grow lights, however even locating them is difficult (again, more people are growing gardens).

Are you getting tired of all my parenthesis? My brain is going faster than my hands today.

 My basil is springing to life.  It is nice to see things growing again.

My yarrow, appears to be the only herb I planted outdoors, that survived the heathen raccoons.  I'm happy, but I'll most likely purchase horehound and other seeds (again for the third time).

I also snatched up three of the last six bags of non-gmo red norland starter potatoes.  I did not have a vehicle to get them in a timely manner this year, but I'm glad I found some.  I don't order them anymore, so a trusted store is my source.  Unfortunately, yellow onions were already sold out.  I knew I was taking a chance, but car repairs and tired folks after work, and with some who don't arrive home until 9pm, it's just part of life (and homesteading).  I think more and more people are starting to grow gardens, and supply is lacking. 

Speaking of things growing - green onions.  My onions are up and I was thrilled to enjoy some with dinner last night.  They not only went into the miso salmon burgers....

 ...they went into this new recipe for a macaroni salad.  I have been playing around with recipes to find some easy, but delicious and nutritious recipes for an upcoming grad party.  I have no idea how I will get all the food made, but I'll be adding this to my list.  Everyone here liked it.  I am also adding it to my Holiday "go-do" list.  It looks like Christmas.  It's made with red and green bell pepper as well as green onion.

I don't even have to prep dinner today. It's already in the refrigerator.  All I have to do is pop it into the oven and thaw a bag of sweet corn - lasagna!  The master bath may actually get cleaned today. 


Sam I Am...... said...

I wrote down those titles as I may look for them on Thrift Books so thank you! Yes, I noticed the Miso on the front cover! Now salmon burgers I may be able to handle as I've not liked salmon I've baked...too greasy and strong tasting for me.
I got plants and they were the Bonnie ones in the peat and then we got the cold spell and they didn't make it...I hate those in the peat pots....they always die on me unless I get them in the ground immediately but that seems to be all they have to offer here. I may just start my own too. I don't plant much as the bugs and critters here consume them! My neighbor has a great fenced in garden area but she doesn't garden! So unfair! LOL! Today is cooking, baking and bread baking for me. Have a great day!

Grandma Zee said...

Instead of buying expensive grow lights, I use regular shop flourescent lamps. I have a small greenhouse and they work great. I also have a grow light and the shope lights seem to work better. Actually I think any kind of extra light will work, even a desk lamp. Good luck with your garden. I grow only heirloom tomatoes and save my seeds each year. I think I have 6 or eight kinds now. Check out

Rain said...

Hi Kristina :)) Oooh look at your basil! More sprouts than mine! :) That burger cookbooks looks good...I have one on my wishlist called Burger Night, we love burgers. Isn't it nice to know you have dinner just ready to pop in the oven? I love to be in the kitchen, but some days I'm happy I prepared freezer meals!

Kristina said...

Sam I Am, enjoy your day in the kitchen. I should be making bread today, but I'm not (yikes).

Kristina said...

Thank you Grandma Zee. I'll be letting Hubby know your tip.

Kristina said...

Rain, I am so glad I froze stuffed bell peppers last fall. They come in handy on busy days.

Sandra said...

I should start some seeds...I usually just buy our plants from a local nursery.

Kristina said...

Sandra, my cats will get into my seed trays, so for years I bought plants too. This year, I am closing off a room, and trying one tray with simply day light. We'll see if it works well.