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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Freezing Temps

 (very early this morning)

If you are wondering.   I did not get my wish for school to be closed.  Mom always said, "If wishes where horses, then beggars would ride."

By 8:30am, the temperature had dropped to a -9° wind chill.  It's ridiculous that the kids and I had to go out in it.  But alas, I donned my winter gear and trudged to the animals.  I wanted to get it done before doing my hair and makeup.  I too, had to go out in the cold (again) after the kids left for school.

I attended the National Honor Society breakfast.  Last year, when we attended, the food was served cold, and it was not good.  Everyone at our table made comments about it.  So.  I wasn't looking forward to going, let alone going out in wind and freezing temperatures at -9°F.  

By the way, our area broke a record regarding temperatures in November.  According to the news, we haven't had this low of a temperature (for November) since 1871.  

Back to the breakfast....the ceremony inducted a fairly large group (maybe 30) of students this year, and the food was good this time.  We do pay for it (other than our NHS kids, who eat free).  We were however, the very last table to be served.  They ran out of sausage and five at our table went without.  They did grace them with an extra danish in place of it.  

The roads to get there were terrible.  Most of the country roads I had to take were covered in thick sheets of ice.  It was not reassuring to see a vehicle off the side of the road either.  I made it there and back, and once home re-stocked the wood.

Without time earlier in the day, I started cooking up ten pounds of ground beef (I told Hubby "five or six" and he brings home ten) - homemade crock pot sloppy joes.  These are a favorite around here, and you can't just make a few pounds.  The family will scarf them down for snacks, and  Hubby takes his lunch to work.  I did not have any sweet potatoes to make sweet potato fries, so I opted for corn.  Also, I see the need to raise beef now.

Once I got the wood stove back to a good heat level, I decided to sit and work on Christmas items.  The only problem?  The kids were due to get home.  I only had about 45 minutes of peace.  But.  That is better than simply five too. By that time of day I was tired of coffee, and brewed some herbal tea.

While watching last night's news, Hubby leaned over and kissed me.  He said, "thanks for all you do."  Why?  

The news we were watching pertained to canned (store, processed) foods.  They weighed the water, and the contents to see how much folks are really getting for their money.  I'm so glad I am finding ways not to buy "cans" from the store.  It's most likely altered, has added hidden ingredients, high in sodium and bad for us anyway.  I do buy canned tuna, but buy a very expensive brand that eliminates the soy.  Needless to say, we don't eat as much as frozen (or fresh caught) wild fish.

We are making progress, but Hubby still brings home something naughty now and then.  He has however, always purchased non-gmo chips.  He's getting there.


Mama Pea said...

I'm wondering how much snow you have this morning? According to the reports I've been hearing, you may have gotten a good amount. Not good on the ice you had yesterday!

Even though it's only for the two of us these days, I know it takes A LOT of my time year 'round to keep healthy, nutritious, homemade, made-from-scratch, and appetizing food on our table so I can only imagine how much time you spend with kiddies still at home. But if we all want to live out healthy lives without ending up with one of the terrible diseases so prevalent now, we have to be very aware of the food we put in our bodies. I'm just so sad that so many women and mothers aren't home to do that very thing.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, yesterday Hubby told me his co-worker was "eyeballing" his cabbage dinner he brought to work. Hubby was explaining how organic, non-gmo foods were much healthier, and his response was "yea, but your wife doesn't work." Ha. Had to laugh.

Susan said...

I am sure your hubby is very grateful (and lucky) for the amazing job you do at taking care of him and your children. And your house. And your animals... I have not purchased a canned anything in ages - except, like you, tuna. BTW, love the "No Sniveling" sign next to the chips... :)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, my kids still snivel, ha ha!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Hi Kristina-
My grandson is having a Thanksgiving lunch today...we didn't go, but his momma and brother are going. I think the kids find it to be fun when family comes and eats with them.
We went on Grandparents day.
We're supposed to warm up today to a balmy 63°- YAY!

I went to the grocery last nite it was the last day to buy Boston Butt Pk Roasts... they had it on sale for $1.99/lb. They were 8 lb about $16 on average.
I got 4 qt bags of pork. Which will actually make a couple of meals each for the Honey and myself. So close to 8 meals or more! Who knows. It had a bone in it...and it's on the stove right now cooking in a pot of beans. I'm fire up the stove in a bit and make some cornbread. Yum!
My hubby is coming around slow but sure on our way of cooking and eating too. I've not switched to soy-less tuna yet. But I don't buy as much anymore. I do like tuna though.
I spotted the "no sniveling" sign too... and I think those would make great gifts for all my kids to put in their homes! Ha!

Mama Pea said...

Your response to the response of your hubby's co-worker . . . that "your wife doesn't work" . . . was much, MUCH kinder than mine would have been. Do you know how rabidly mad a comment like that makes me? During my husband's years of teaching when I was home doing the homemaker thing, caring for our daughter, caring for all the animals, cooking from scratch, making butter and cheese, gardening and preserving . . . for many years without running water or electricity . . . the female teachers more than once asked him, "But what does your wife DO all day?"

Anyone who says a woman at home doesn't "work" has never walked in her shoes!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, if his work holds a Christmas party this year, I'll be talking to the woman face to face (he he!) But yes, Hubby and I were not happy that he said that.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Love your Mom's saying. B