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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Homesteading ~ Healing the Injured's 10:00am, and I know I'm forgetting to do something  - watered the goats and chickens, cleaned the coop, planted the apple tree, watered the newly planted stuff, put laundry on the line.....there has to be something....

we are one few people who still have some carpeted rooms.  One partial room is getting shampooed today.  The weather is perfect and it will be dry before the kiddos get home.

While that's drying I need to prepare a nice dinner for my brother and his family.  Shortly after his wife gave birth, she fell on the stairs and broke her ankle.  With two other boys, and my brother going back to work, they were/are in need of some help.

Update on barn cat Timmy:  He's got another infection.  It could be from all the injuries he has from whatever/whoever he got in a fight with.  $45.00 vet bill.  Cha-Ching.  He's inside in a dog kennel, but he stinks (what is it with male barn cat's urine? Ugh!).  As soon as he heals, he's getting neutered, so he'll hopefully stay out of trouble.  

Sparta is now walking about 5-6 steps before he sits back down again. The splints are working on helping him recover. His rear-end feathers need a good washing.  Poor guy couldn't stand up for several days.
Well, I have a whole list of other chores to get done today.....oh!  Now I remember - pick any asparagus.  Sheesh, I was already out there about 3 times now.  I think I need a voiced commanded alert on my cell phone or something.  They probably already have that. Ha ha!

Enjoy the day!




Kim said...

Yup, they sure do!! We are getting so much rain I will not be planting for weeks and not watering for longer than that.

Michelle said...

Glad to see he is getting better.

EMMA said...

My my you do have a lot of injured ones to heal at the moment.
Hope your carpet cleaning went well - that must be a big job!!
Just arrived home from a holiday and it's pouring with rain - I have tons of washing to do!

Sandra said...

Always something, right?
Enjoy your weekend!

RB said...

How are your animals all getting injured? We have many, and rarely have injuries.

Praying for them though. It's not fun being hurt.

God bless.


Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, Sparta was found hanging from the chicken wire in the coop one day. He got his talon caught and broke at least one let. We splinted it and he's healing nicely. Timmy, the barn cat, is not neutered, and gets into many fights. He's getting neutered to avoid it now. He's another cat that showed up here, or was dumped here. He just gets himself into a lot of trouble.

RB said...

Thanks for the info Kristina. Stuff sometimes just happens, doesn't it.

It's been a long time since one of ours had an injury, but now I better go knock on wood, because you know how that works.

God bless.