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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, May 2, 2014

Mud Brings Joy

May is the month that Hubby and I both celebrate our birthdays - "the Good."  I have no idea what I will do for Hubby yet.  

It's the month I get to start planting flowers and the vegetable garden. Although I can start planting peas (which are already late), I cannot plant my flowers until after Mother's Day.  Even so, I may wait just a bit later.  Last year we got a second frost, and lost much from garden(s).

May is the last month of school (typically), and it's jam-packed with school stuff - "the Bad."  The girls are overloaded with homework, they are worn out and tired from the entire year and just want it over with, and they are grouchy and mouthy.

Did I mention grouchy?  

This is where I remember the joys of homeschooling.  I didn't have this behavior.  They were happy.  The stresses of public school can turn my kids into little evil joy suckers.  When they come home from school they look like they want to stab something.  There is definitely something wrong with our public school these days, if my kids turn into hateful, defiant robots.  And I am sure they hate feeling that way.

I am looking forward to June, when school is finally out.

Thank goodness the kids have a go kart.  With the recent rain, we have mud and water.  See all the splatters of mud on them?  That's my youngest daughter taking my oldest daughter's boyfriend for a spin.  She likes to torture people on her rides (ha ha!).  They relieve their "stresses" with a day of mud splatters and fast rides.  

In fact, my oldest daughter's friend came out to join the fun one day, and she told her that she forgot what "having fun was like."  

So go have some fun today!  Mud included.


Kim said...

Looks like fun to me. I think the homeschooled kids are the lucky ones.

Unknown said...

Splashing mud all of people does release stress, wanna go for a ride?