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Thursday, March 20, 2014

No Babies Yet ~ Homesteading Tidbits

I started my day out with some homemade hot ginger tea.  The stress here has been at it's highest.  And it's not Hubby.

I'm starting to wonder if my older kids resent me because I don't have a college degree, with a high faluten, high paying career, or if they resent me because we (speaking for the both of us) have no cash to put them through college.  Or maybe it's from all those people that keep ingraining in their brain that their life will go no where without a college degree.

We have a family member on Hubby's side that is currently laid off, after her job was obtained due to earning her college degree (accounting).  She is now living on unemployment.   Another one, who was sent out of state to earn a car mechanic degree (college), is now earning more money working a factory job.

As for me, I did pay for my own cars (all of them) on my own paycheck growing up.  I paid my own insurance, and so forth.  I also paid for my own way through travel school, when I could not pay for any college around here.  I went very far in that industry, but left it for a higher paying job, that required NO college degree, and paid me salary.   That particular business also offered college payment reimbursement to employees as well. 

I had even earned my CTC (a certified, this is different than my travel school certificate, travel consultant certificate) designation (which will retain with me as long as I work in the field full time anytime in the future, which isn't doing me any good, because I won't go back in that industry). I had many certificates earned, taught some travel classes myself, and thought I would be doing it the rest of my life.  But life changes. That's when I met Hubby, and the rest is history. my soapbox for now....

Peanut, the oldest purebred Lamancha goat, is very close to popping out those babies.  I just went out and checked on her.  Nothing yet.  Her due date is tomorrow.

Misty (the white Lamancha on the left) is due next month.  That is Rue (wether) next to her, and do you see the goat up on the other side of the fence?  Making a poo mess on our hill-billy milking stand?

Just look at that little stinker.  She hopped right back in the stall after I snapped this photo.  She once again, made a mess of the hay. Either we'll have to build up the stall height, or sell that stinker before she is even bred.

Although the sun is not shining, my ladies (and gents) are enjoying the afternoon outside.  It's a bit windy, but they are having a good time today.

They deserve a day out to stretch their legs.  Look what the left me today.  Looks like we'll have french toast with real maple syrup and organic butter tonight.  Maybe I'll pop open my last jar of home canned, strawberry syrup too.


Unknown said...

It's always tough to tell kids no. We helped our kids, not much, thru college. We explained, early on, to all 3 that college would be either scholarships, grants or loans. They understood. When crunch time came they got an eye opener. Luckily they all had excellent grades, and took a lot of AP courses. I don't think there's any thing wrong with a good, usable education. Sometimes you can make more money in blue collar work though. It just depends on the work market. Flexibility is good...

Michelle said...

All my kids paid for their own collage. We help out here and there,( car insurance and health care) but mostly its up to them. My twins moved out just recently . They work and pay their own bills. I do invite them to dinner a lot. It a mother thing I want to make sure they are eating more then frozen pizza and burgers.My two oldest don't use their degrees One even went back to school to get a realtor license.

RB said...

Don't rue not having a college education. I never had one either, and worked my way up to Office Management by providing good quality hard work peppered with good old common sense throughout the years, and many times, especially in the last 20 years of my career, I had college degree'd people working for ME.

Plus remember, a college degree doesn't guarantee a single lick of common sense which so many young people are totally bereft of nowadays, and that's a more valuable commodity in life than a college degree is because it's that common sense that will get someone through the really hard times, when a college degree is only gathering dust. k

God bless.