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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From the Handiwork Journal . . .

Crocheted this fun, yet fancy, dishcloth.   I may make more over the winter yet.  This one is going in my kitchen.  It's made with #5 cotton thread.  My first time using that thickness.


Crocheted one baby bib for the expected spring baby of my younger brother and his wife.  It is a bit large, so they may have to wait for toddler age to use it.   The original pattern states to add a small bow on the top center.  Not sure if I will yet.   It's made with worsted weight yarn.

Update:  Pattern for girl/boy bibs are found in Big Book of Crochet, Featuring the Best of Crochet with Heart Magazine, Leisure Arts.  They also have patterns for girl/boy bottle covers.

Knitted a few more dishcloths.  These come in handy for barters, gifting, thank you's, and selling.

I'm up to row 77 on the baby blanket now.  Only 41 more to go, plus the edging. The pattern for this is also in Big Book of Crochet, Over 120 Projects, Leisure Arts.


Candy C. said...

Lovely projects, I really like the shell pattern on the baby blanket! :)
P.S. Dang, your son is a good artist, loved the slide show of his work on your sidebar!!

Sam I Am...... said...

You've been busy! I love all your projects. I'm making my list for the year ahead and baby bibs would be great to have on hand or sell. I'm thinking of an Etsy shop. The dish/wash cloth is beautiful! I use DMC Perle Cotton #8 for my wool applique. I'll have to widen my selection as I've wanted to delve into doilies this year. The blanket is turning out lovely too.

Mama Pea said...

I don't know where you find the time in your busy life to do all the creative handwork you do! And it's all of such high quality. Love seeing the things you're doing.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks for all your kind comments, and for my son's artwork. I love doing these items in winter, but come spring....uh, it really slows down with the garden. Let's pray for an awesome garden year this year.

EMMA said...

Beautiful work, love the baby blanket.

Unknown said...

Lovely work! I am really enjoying your blog and as a barter ;) for you continuing to write I will share a top secret tip about the knitted dishcloths you have posted. Find a craft store that has macramé supplies and get a small skein of the plastic yarn - use this to start your dishcloth then switch to regular cotton yarn. This will give you a scrubby on one corner of the dishcloth that is tough enough to scrub pots and pans but has not scratched anything of mine yet! Let me know when you try it!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Love all the little projects...
I'm learning how to knit..though, I haven't done anything on the diagonal yet.
That baby blanket is gorgeous!

snugs said...

The baby shell blanket is absolutely adorable. I've been looking for something similar for ages. Any idea where I can find either the pattern or a copy of the book the pattern came from?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Snugs, you can locate the shell pattern in about any crochet book at your library, or if they interloan, try that too. I used the basic pattern stitches of a pattern found in "Big Book of Crochet"