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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

In a World of Expensive Free is Good!


The laundry has dried so much faster with the heat wave.  I love our solar dryer.  Free!  Smells great!  I get exercise.

Wild black raspberries are on now.  I'm picking daily, and will use them for simply eating or making fruit smoothies for a cold lunch.  The best part?  It's free!  I forage for them, and some plants have been planted closer to the house by birds.  If there is an abundance, I will freeze some, but the lack of rain and heat wave may say otherwise.

I received some free merlot heirloom lettuce seeds, so we are trying something new with this heat index skyrocketing - planting lettuce indoors.  I'll let you know how it turns out, or if it does well.   I decided to plant two kinds of lettuce, and a tray of microgreens.  If it all does well for our meals, I'll start more later this week.

The mulberries are also on the trees, but they are not all ripe yet.  I did get a mix of berries a few days ago though.  I see there are white mulberries almost ready to pick too.

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Betsy said...

Free is always good isn't it? I used to love mulberries when we lived here when I was a child. I don't see many bushes of them anymore though. Enjoy the ones you find.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I rarely use the clothes dryer, at the moment I have the washing hanging on the clothes hoists, which are fold up dryer racks and as it is cold and have the heater going I have it facing the clothes so it can help them dry why warming the room.

I have never seen or heard of black raspberries didn't know they were a thing

Jackie said...

Free is always good.

God bless.

Leigh said...

Foraging lovely free food is a fantastic feeling! Your berries look delicious.

I'll be very interested in your indoor lettuce experiment. Next week' expected heat wave will be a good test of the new shade cloth on our greenhouse. But it's got me wondering if I can possibly grow something in it during summer after all. Something to hope for.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Betsy, we are thankful we have them growing all over here, and the birds continue to plant new ones. Some years however, the raccoons get them all.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Jo-Anne's Ramblings, we too have the folding drying racks. We also have a small indoor clothesline for lighter weight items. I use them all year round.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Jackie

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Leigh, I would like a green house for the fact I can contain the plants from rodents, like greens. We are still thinking about it. We are hoping the lettuce will grow indoors. I have them on my stand I use to start seeds, so I have grow lights as well. Not sure I want to run the lights in this heat wave, so it's all an experiment for sure.