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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Hot and Humid


I debated just freezing the last of the peaches, but canned a smalled batch early in the morning.  We'll get more peaches later this summer.

I made a new recipe for pomegrante vinaigrette.  One recipe uses the seeds (using a blender) and the other uses juice form concentrate (the one I tried).  I used a bit more dijon in ours to thicken it just a bit more, and we love it.  We are enjoying more salads this week with the heat index so high.

I was out checking berries and taking the chickens fresh cold water, when I discoveredd this growing between the raspberries and asparagus patch.  Does anyone know what it is?  The plant itself is growing just like a red raspberry bush, but it obviously is not a raspberry bush.

I have never see this before.  In finding this, I do see some poison sumac in another area, so we need to remove it.  Always something to take care of around here.

It was so humid and hot, I was getting seriously worried about my chickens, and I was about to go look for a box fan and extension cord, when I heard thunder.  The heat index was 103°F and extremely humid.

Soon enough we had not only a few hours of pouring down rain, but thunderstorms.  I'm not sure what took out our power, as it could have been due to everyone's AC on, or the storms.

Thank goodness I keep extra watering units for this purpose, and had them filled for the chickens.  I had to take them fresh cold water almost every 2 hours, due the heat index.

We also have several battery powered lights in each room, candles, a portable phone charger (however even 5G was not working to get weather updates), and I am very thankful I purchased our power source that runs on the same battery our power tools run on.  It has one outlet, a light, and a few charge ports, so we can charge our chargeable fans (we have two) to stay cool, and charge anything else.

In light of this, and for the fact the power has gone out more often, we plan to add some new items to our list.  A generator has always been on the list, but they are expensive.  We do have a plan to keep the lights on (more than the one the power source can run).

 By the way, we took the power source off of the lamp, used some candles for light, and plugged a laptap into the power source to watch a DVD.  Save your DVD's and don't get rid of them.  Our interent was out until this morning, so no netflix or amazon.  We were thankful we kept the DVD's and the old laptop for this purpose.  Otherwise, we could run one lamp and read books or play cards.

My husband is in agreement on keeping the lights on, so I'll update you if/when we locate what we are looking for.  We have considered a well hand pump in the future as well.  When the power goes out, we cannot get water from the well otherwise.

Once our power was back on, we could only watch a DVD using a DVD player.  Our interent was out the entire night and we had trouble getting connection this morning, but it's back on.  It makes you wonder about everything digital these days, and what to do with the power/internet out.

(source:  Amazon)
Our smaller one is similar to this one.

As for the fans, I had a small chargeable fan with a clip, that we use on the treadmill.  It worked like a charm to cool us. 

(Source: Amazon)  Our foldable chargeable fan is similar to this one.

The other fan we have is adjustable in height, and folds up, and we take it camping, so we had that one too.  Both have been used a lot, and my husband was impressed how well the smaller fan worked.

Of course we purchased them many years ago, so I can't say for sure if it's still on the market, but there are some very similar to them.  I'm just glad we had them, along with everything else.

We are thankful for the rain, as the gardens got a good dose of goodness, and the temperature dropped just a bit.  It is still very humid here however.

It's been too hot to do any garden weeding or tilling/cultivating at all.  The weeds are growing, so I hope we get a break soon.  I was literally dripping with sweat just being out there for the watering of everything.

At the end of the day, it's too exhausting to crochet, read or do anything really.  We are thankful for the AC (when the power is on) or the fans.

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Betsy said...

The humdity has been very high here too. That's part of why we planned our trip for now, during the hottest part of the summer. Heading west where the humidity is much lower. At our house here we had a whole house generator that came with the house. It was wonderful. We often lost electricity because of how old the neighborhood is. It would automatically come on 10 seconds after the power outage. We could power our entire house, A/C and all. We also ran extension cords to Mom's house next door, the neighbor on the other side and we loaned our camping generator to the people across the street. Now we live in the condo but all power lines are underground and we have been fine for over a year now.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That is oppressive heat, too hot to do anything. Stay cool!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Betsy, that is so nice your house came with a generator. We typically get power on in the same day, but one year we went 9 days without power (at another house years ago, when several poles went down).

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Far Side of Fifty, it is very exhausting to deal with the heat and humidity. I have plenty of food prep in the kitchen, but the weeds are out of control in the gardens. We really need a break to catch up outside.

Debby @ From My House to Yours said...

Your poor chickens. They need an AC unit. This past week has been so nice here but it’s starting to heat up again. 106 is forecasted for tomorrow. But that is just heat - the humidity will be under 10% so it makes it bearable. You hardly work up a sweat!
Still don’t like it but it could be worse - we could have humidity! 🥵

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Debby, our humidity is has been bad all week.