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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Lavender Syrup

 Have you ever made homemade lavender syrup?  Have you purchased this syrup and used it?  

I was curious, as I thought it would be good in an evening cup of tea.  I was also intrigued with it as a lemonade, but  wasn't so sure about the floral flavor bit.

Note:  I now put a canning label on things I make, and write the expiration date on it vs. the date I made it.  It makes it so much easier to check at a glance than looking over the calender.

I chose to use honey, but the recipe states you can use other options if you prefer.  The recipe and instructions are found online with Detoxinista.

I also did a bit more research, and you can even make the syrup sugar-free, by using monk fruit in place of the honey/sugar/maple syrup.

I also found more recipes with different amounts of honey or suggestions for adding things like vanilla extract.  I will be trying more recipes to find the one we like the best.

If you have tried Traditonal Medicinals tea - Nighty Night, the syrup smells almost exactly like this eveing hot tea (the lavender scent).  I made the syrup specifically to add to this tea for additional benefits.

The results were pretty good.  I also made myself a lemonade (just water and and real lemons squeezed), and used the syrup for the sweetener.  I was skeptical, because I have tasted lavender candy a few years back, and it tasted like soap.

The lavender lemonade was pretty darn good.  Homemade is is the way to go, if you are wanting to try this conconction.

Lavender Syrup  © April 2024 by Kristina at Pioneer Woman at Heart


R's Rue said...

Looks so good.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Until I start watching baking shows I didn't know you could use lavender in baking and have never heard of lavender lemonade.

Debby said...

I’ve purchased lavender honey and lavender tea as well as lavender lemonade - all from the lavender farm near by. Oh and we had some lavender scones too! For myself I am not a big sweet lover to eat or smell even though I do love the lavender fragrance - just a small essence is all I need.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

R's Rue, thank you

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Jo-Anne's Ramblings, I never knew either until I met a woman selling cookies with lavender at a Farmer's Market

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Debby, I do find that homemade anything is better than from the store. It seems processed differently. We have a local area lavender farm, but I have never gone to it.