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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Brussel Sprouts and Butternut Squash (roasted) ~ Bell Pepper Oven Fries ~ Wild Rice Soup (with chicken) ~ Turmeric Honey?

 I decided to try this combination, after seeing it on SkinnyTaste online.  They recipe simply states to add 6 sprigs of fresh thyme and black pepper.  Well, in my opinion, it needs more flavor, such as garlic perhaps.    Anyway, I had the butternut squash in my freezer, and it needed rotated out, so I thawed it and used that.  The squash cooked to a soft texture, but it was all good.  I will try fresh butternut next time, and add garlic powder or even sliced shallots or onions.  

I make this side about once a year, with homegrown bell peppers.  I used the healthier version of "panko" this time, and we loved it.  The dip is hand made as well.  I believe the recipe is online with Delish (Bell Pepper Oven Fries).

What are you cooking for your fall side vegetable dishes?

Thank you for the tip on freezing chicken rice soup.  I found a recipe that I will be trying during our next cold spell.  It is on another blog, and the recipe is here:  Wild Rice Blend Soup.

On another note regarding medicinals, has anyone used a blend of turmeric and honey for illness?  It's not a jar method, but mixing ground with honey and using on the spot.  I'm just trying to be prepared.  Two weeks of feeling ill was not fun, and we want to have many options on hand if people start spreading sickness again.


Katie C. said...

What was the tip on freezing chicken and rice soup? I didn’t see it mentioned in the recipe

Mother Em said...

Have you ever heard of or have a use for Flying Dragon oranges? The thorns are probably 3-4 inches long and wonder how birds make their nests in the branches. Hope you have a great week ahead and both feel better.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Katie C, the question I asked was what was a good soup to freeze for a quick meal for when we were feeling ill (and didn't feel like cooking). The suggested answer was that the chicken rice soup froze better than chicken noodle soup. I found this one that looked pretty good.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Mother Em. I have never heard of Flying Dragon oranges. I will have to read about that. Thanks. We are feeling better.