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Friday, June 9, 2023

Bad Air Quality Warnings ~ More Strawberries ~ Cottage cheese and Chilis for Breakfast? Yes Please!

 I lost count on how many days it's been with zero rain.  Watering everything continues for us.  We've been waking up in the 50's, so it makes my daily chores more difficult.  I have to wait for it to be warmer to do the watering.  The forecast is saying possible rain this coming Sunday, with warmer temperatures.

I also have to rotate watering with laundry/dishwasher, so the water pump is not working in over drive.

It's hard to be outside too long with the Canadian wildfire haze contaminating the air outside.  We sat out on the porch the other night, and totally forgot about the air issue, and a nasty sore throat woke me up in the night.

I am finishing up with strawberries.  The chickens love their cool, sweet treats (they get the tops).

Froze several quarts, and will make a cold strawberry pie as well.  Canned 8 - half pints of reduced sugar jam.

There is a cottage cheese craze going on in recipes lately, but for years, we've enjoyed cottage cheese in our breakfast.  It's a Rachel Ray recipe (adapted with organic ingredients), and one we really like.  I used to double this when the kids were all living here.  Recipe is HERE.  It does require a 1/4 cup of flour, and I may try swapping that out with Einkorn next time.  


Carol said...

Oh I need to get some strawberries and make jam or jelly. We are in desperate need of rain as well. The sky is a bit hazy here and it does seem that the air quality alerts are awful here as well.

Kristina said...

Carol, it's just crazy. I want to enjoy my porch, but it makes my throat hurt.

Debi said...

We've had some hazy, smokey days but not too bad. But one of our grandsons lives about 20 minutes from us and they have had some really tough days. Our grandson and his step brother both suffer from mild allergies but they have really ramped up with the heavy smoke. I hope you get some relief soon. My cousin makes a breakfast casserole with cottage cheese that is absolutely delicious! Enjoy your weekend!

Jackie said...

For awhile we got the smoke from Alberta here in southern Saskatchewan. We usually get the smoke from California, Montana and Wyoming. It does make doing anything outside miserable.

God bless.

Kristina said...

Debi, yes, the smoke haze is making my allergies miserable. If you ever get your cousin's recipe, please share. I think cottage cheese with eggs taste pretty good.

Kristina said...

Jackie, I was saying the same thing about the fires out west. In all my years on this Earth, I cannot remember this ever happening in our state (the smoke haze moving in).