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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, March 10, 2023

Procrastination Station (aka computer)

The worst thing for me to do on a whack-a-doodle schedule, is to sit at the procrastination station (computer) too long.  I tend to browse crochet patterns, and have already printed one to crochet another item for the living room (a summer project that is much smaller).  My husband gets up late in the morning, due to his later work hours, so I'm totally thrown off with my own early morning routine.  Plus!!!  I'm not sleeping well with this schedule.

I also have about 98 draft posts I am going thru.  Most are getting deleted, but I try and read a few every day to work those out of my blog.

I got a visit with one daughter, and I totally forgot to pull meat from the freezer to go with yesterday's leftover veggies.  

I roasted a lot to save us time over the next few days, in hope to clear more out of the master bedroom.

Anyway, this is what happens when I browse's not like I can purge and pack up the bedroom if he's sleeping.

What do you think of this pattern?  The original pattern called for changing yarn color differently, but I am not a fan of sewing in a hundred or two hundred ends either.

Another reason why my own blanket is not done yet, ha ha!
Although, I blame my brain for this other blanket getting started.  I went upstairs to take yarn up, and to look for more black for my own blanket.  I came down with 4 colors not even related to my blanket, and well, my brain said to make it and put it up for sale eventually.....back to my blanket now....

I found more soft white, grey heather, and black, so I'm back to finishing it up.  It is almost done.  Oh speaking of this blanket, both my husband and one daughter agree that the sofa needs another blanket just like this.  Sigh.  Oh, I had to frog a few rows, because I left my crochet hook out and thought it was the correct size, and it was not. It was larger.  Another sigh.

Painting of course will not resume until the end of the month.  I'm have started to purge clothing so that is a start.  I already have piles to pass on to the girls, and piles to donate, but a lot more to clean/purge etc.  I have a lot more craft related items to deal with, and time is a tickin'!

I found another mini clipboard project (sigh) in our bedroom closet, but almost completely done.  I just had to glue the magnets onto the back.  These make great gifts by the way.  You can see the how-do on my other blog using scrap fabric as an option to decorate the front of it (Click Here).

The forecast was correct.  Snow today.  

Tiger, daughter E's cat is not doing well.  She is keeping me updated, but all we can do is wait.  He is about 13-14 years old.


Faith said...

I'm working on a granny ripple crochet afghan. I like the pattern of yours, very pretty. We've got Lake effect snow here all morning, it's been constant but very pretty. I think there will be accumulation, not much. It is still wintertime.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Faith, I will link up the pattern. It's online, and I was just browsing images and loved it. She shares what to buy with what yarn type in a graph as well as for different size blankets. Yeah, our snow is a melty slushy snow today.