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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Bedroom Purge/Pack ~ Where's the Crust Pizza ~ Einkorn Peanut Butter Cookies

 I'll admit, if I was my husband, I would not want to do a thing in the mornings with his schedule.  By the way, that crazy schedule has now ended as of today.

However, baking him peanut butter cookies got him motivated.

We cleaned in the bedroom for almost 2 hours, purged, tossed stuff, vacuumed, dusted.....still not done.  The one fall back with a large bedroom, is more "stuff."   The bedroom has a tall ceiling, and is approximately 21 x 15 feet.  Yeah, that large, and originally built for a person in a wheel chair.  

It has really made me realize how much crafting stuff I still own.  I'm on the fence with getting rid of things like macramé, as I may feel like making some hanging plant holders.  Anyway, just lots of "stuff."  I found an entire container filled with all sorts of sequins.  I thought I gave that away, but one of the daughter's must have snuck that back into our closet.  Hmpf.  It's being donated.

My husband stood up and said, "there we are all ready"  and I had to laugh.  There are totes under the bed, a bookshelf I have to pack up and move out, and make decisions on keeping some other stuff still in there.  Oh, and pack up our night stands, move them out.

I'm on the fence with this new recipe.  It tasted good, but I think I would make changes.  First, the crust is too thin I think.  I would maybe double it.  I also think my home canned pizza sauce was not cooked thick enough this time.  I would like to try it with Italian sausage too.  Good, a bit messy, as it is not finger food and definitely fork food.  The crust is basically cheeses, egg, pepper and garlic powder.
Recipe is Where's the Crust Pizza, by Plain Chicken online.

The pan looks messy, because I had to scoop some out quickly, for my husband to take to work.  I didn't have time to let it cool for him.  Anyway, a gluten free, but not calorie free crust.

Sort of a boring post, but it's winter here and there is still snow on the ground, so not much going on homestead-wise.


Sandra said...

Well the pizza looks yummy still, definitely something I would love to dig into.

Glad you got so much stuff done too.

Jackie See said...

Oh my gosh, that cheese looooooks soooo goooood!! You are really moving along with this redo! I was so happy you showed your stained trim a few posts back. What a difference, so much brighter! Just think about the monetary value you have added to your home! I am at a stand still with mine right now. I finally have our bedroom finished yet it still looks unfinished. I added some knick knacks (dusterbusters) to a couple of photo frame shelves and it looks better. But now I have to dust them. note: dust is the reason we started this redo journey. 25 years, 3 kids and a couple of dogs and cats, it was time to de-dust to help my painful joints. Well, I guess minimalism is not my style. Thank you for posting, I enjoyed our visit! ~jackiesee~

Carol said...

The pizza looks delicious. I have too much stuff too and I am always purging it seems. I am thankful that we dont have snow, just cold!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Sandra

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Jackie, I couldn't believe the dust under a bookshelf I just moved out of the bedroom. The carpet was terrible underneath it. I cannot wait to get the carpet out of there, so I can sweep underneath stuff better.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Carol thanks. We got more snow Saturday night.

Jackie See said...

Kristina, I gave away a triple dresser with mirror one day when thehubs was gone. He was not happy. How could I break up a set?? He didn't have to drag it away from the wall and vacuum and wipe the baseboard, dust the top which was holding at least 500000000 25 year old knick knacks. I had moved all of my clothes into the large walkin closet and loved it. Now I have a dressing room instead of a dresser that weighs 50000000 lbs (my back knows). I can get completely dressed in my dressing room, everything from panties and bras to ear rings and purses! Did I also mention that the heavy oak furniture was gorgeous but had a lot of corners that were the same height as my hips? Have a great Sunday!! ~jackiesee~

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Jackie, I cannot wait to get our walk-in closet purged. We raised many kids in this house, so my crafts were stored in there. Not anymore, and my husband is happy. I do know what you mean about moving furniture to dust. Ugh. I cannot wait to have the carpet removed.