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Friday, December 6, 2019

Friday Snippets ~ Chicken Coop Chaos

...and just like that (snap), I was inspired by my friend's mother who recently passed, and who loved playing the organ.  I have started to create a new Christmas tree ornament to sell next year.  I'll have a post soon next week I hope.  The first one will go in my friend's Christmas gift bag in memory of her mother.

Sunday I had plans to start decorating and put up the tree, but if weather is good, I'll be mucking the coop and replacing wire on the coop.  One of these years we'll finally get the new coop built (amongst many other jobs on the list). 

I went out to the coop yesterday and found 4 feet of wire ripped from the frame, one hen dead with a broken neck, and my rooster with a broken leg.  I'm not sure he'll make it yet.  We can't wrap our heads around what would do this.  A very sad day for sure.


Carol said...

I will be excited to see your new ornament. The chicken coop catastrophe could have been a opossum or a raccoon. We have had problems with both killing chickens and a raccoon could easily tear up the fence. I hope that your rooster survives. I have a hen that has two broken and very deformed feet and she does well, so don't give up on him.

Catsngrams said...

So sorry about your hen and rooster. I used to have chickens but they got too much for me. I do miss them though I think they are very interesting animals.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Carol, my last rooster has a broken leg and we splint it and he lived many years. Here's hoping he lives.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Catsngrams. I rigged the coop temporarily until we can fix it, but I hope nothing else gets in it.

Debby Flowers said...

HI Kristina - just catching up, have not taken time to browse my usual round of blog posts lately! Love to see all of the ornaments. I too used to do a lot more - getting the cards out, decorating cookies (lots of cookies) decking the halls, etc. Not so much anymore. I am trying to move to a an all handmade tree. It's hard - I have all these Hallmark ornaments that were gifted to me, especially when the kids were little. Have you ever worked with wool felt? or done any wool felting? This is very fun and you can be very creative. When I get my Christmas things out I will take a photo and send you a couple of ideas. Also, I do have a favorite Whole Wheat Bread recipe, it is from the book "Stocking Up" which is an old Rodale publication. I have 2 editions of it. 1973 and 1977 - love it! Anyway, I think I have a scan of it, if I can find it I will email it to you. Sorry about the chickens! We are coop cleaning this weekend too - the hardest part of chicken keeping! You sound more like yourself these days - healing takes time but sounds like you are getting there. Take care

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Debby, that would be great if you can send both to me. I would love it.