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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Cluck Norris ~ Craft Show ~ Work Day

Yesterday's sunrise has some beautiful colors in it.

My rooster was still alive Friday (whew!).  I named him Cluck Norris, since he fought the predator and survived.  

The craft show is now over, and I'm up to start out Sunday work day.  

We didn't do that great this year.  First, I was in a different building (they use two).  Second, the way the had us set up the tables was so congested.  Third, we were way in the back and customers walked in and not all they way to our tables and left. I didn't sell one set, just a few things.  I'm starting to put the sets up on my other blog.

Today's to-do's:  repair the chicken coop, muck the coop, cut wood.  We are completely out, and the temps are to really dip low the early part of the week.  Then, if we get all that done, the Christmas tree goes up.

I posted the new Christmas tree ornament on my S.C.R.A.P blogspot.  I'll admit, it's not a very exciting ornament, but pretty.  I am still working on ideas for something else too.


Lady Locust said...

Sorry you didn't do well at the show. Sounds like there might be some useful suggestions for the folks running it. Lightning when booths/tables set up is also important.

Rain said...

Hi Kristina :) I had to go back a post to read about Cluck Norris - I LOVE that name btw!! Sorry to hear about the coop...have you figured out what happened?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Lady Locust, they had a great price to rent the table space, but bad location. Next year I'm going to try and get into one in a church.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, the best we can figure is a raccoon.