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Monday, April 16, 2018

And "Poof!" Weekend Gone

I can't really say I felt like we had a weekend here.  Hubby worked all through the weekend, and with the continued 3rd shift, I am totally off sync.  

We had a family baby shower yesterday, and that was interesting.  Hubby got home at 8:30am-ish, and went to bed.  He got up at 2:15pm, and we went to the baby shower late, then left early to come back so he could nap for one hour before leaving for work again.  He insisted we be with his family at this time, and I truly felt they needed it too.  Us too.

However, we hit a big snaf-foo!  On the way home in his truck, because my car still has a falt tire since last Wednesday (he hit something on the way home, and with the funeral and 2 days of 100% rain, it was put on the back burner), his brakes started going out on us.  Thankfully our daughter wasn't driving.  He got us home by downshifting, but he needed a vehicle to get to work.

We had 2 daughters home with cars, and one offered hers to him, to get to work.  In the meantime, sometime later this morning, two of our nephew's boys will be coming to remove my tire and put a new one on while Hubby sleeps.  We are so grateful for their help today.  

On a good note, Hubby worked his last night shift last night, and this morning, he'll be sleeping, but going back to work at 2:30pm for 2nd shift.  Normally, he'd then go back to 1st the following day after that, but he took a few vacation days to regroup his mental and physical health, fix the truck, and other stuff. 

I took this photo yesterday before Hubby got out of bed.  Yes, it was that cold.  It rained, and rained, and rained.  Some areas have flooding, and there is standing water everywhere.

The rain however, was a good thing.  It brought up more weeds, and I was very happy to not only see the chickweed, but . . . .

. . . cleavers, dandelions, and plantain.  If the weather warms up next week as they say it might, I hope to harvest a dehydrator full of chickweed first.  The cleavers just popped up with this rain, so they'll be next.  

Yes my house is a mess, dishes everywhere, dirty bathrooms, a ton of laundry needing done, carpets cleaned, and whatnot.  It'll get done again, just not all in one day, and maybe not one week, but it'll get done.


Susan said...

Thank goodness you will get some normality back! Honestly, your family has been through a trial by fire lately. Let's hope that this is the end to the bad stuff and that it is only good news from here on in. And thank goodness for your family helping when you need it.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, we found out today, that we not only need a new tire, but a rim too. Whatever he hit, it broke the rim. Sigh...hoping for good stuff to happen now.

Luludou said...

Glad no one got hurt and that things will be back to normal for your family. Have a great week

Mama Pea said...

My dad worked shift work for most of my growing up years and I think it not only ruined his stomach and digestion, but made him crankier than a bear most of the time. Your hubby was wise to take a couple of days of vacation to get his body back in sync . . . and get a few things done around the homestead. With all the accidents and sad happenings in your extended family lately, you two need to stay strong to help others through this period.

Hope spring arrives in your area and everything settles back down to the usual normal chaos (!) for you soon. ;o)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Luludou.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Mama Pea, you are right about digestion and shift work. I'm trying to make sure he eats a different meal when he wakes up, and one to take to work. Yesterday we found out he had to work 3rd again. So yeah, I'm not back on sync yet. We were to take the Harley in to the shop too. Woke up to snow again. He's still taking a few days off to get back, we just hope he's done with 3rd shift.